Monday, March 4, 2013

What are you looking at?...

There are so many simple but powerful stories in God's Word. The simple stories hold my attention, they have through the years. These stories have the power to change our lives when we see their truth.

The disciples in the small boat, in the midst of the storm. Peter spots Jesus coming toward them and gets right out of that boat and walks on the water, his eyes riveted on Jesus. Then all of a sudden he remembers that the waves are crashing and the storm is raging, he panics, and his fear causes him to look away from Jesus... to the storm, and immediately he begins to sink.

Peter and I might be related... 

I have identified with his actions and reactions many times in the Bible. I think 'oh no', as he begins to sink, but isn't it the same for us? 

We are in the middle of one of life's storms, and praying our hearts out to make it through, to survive, and then Jesus shows up! We are so thrilled that we immediately walk toward Him...

The storm, however, has not gone away, and at the point we realize that... our eyes go back to the turbulence around us, away from Jesus, and down we go!

It always comforts me to see how much Jesus loved Peter. He knew his potential, and He knows ours.

We can be quickly caught up in the storm of the moment, and if we aren't careful, each new storm catches us by surprise, and our eyes shift to the problems rather than the Saviour. 

Simple story? Yes. Life changing choices in how we respond? Yes. Even when the landscape doesn't change... where we choose to look makes all the difference.

I KNOW where His eyes are... I want mine to stay firmly focused on Him, in or out of the boat.


Vee said...

Ahhh, yes, so very true, and, of course, you and
Peter are related as everyone on earth is related just sixteen or so generations back. So much fun to ponder!

This post reminds me of a quote found on Pinterest about not telling God about your storm but rather telling the storm about your God...or something like that.

Rebecca said...

"...where we choose to look..." Yes! That says it all.

Shirley said...

Amen and amen!

Maryann said...

Oh how true, where we fix our eyes makes all the difference. Gotta love Peter, he was so flawed, yet look how God used him, should be an encouragement to us

Debbie said...

AMEN! Soo true huh? Seems simple enough, and yet we fail... Reminded me of the hymn Keep Your eyes upon Jesus...look full in His wonderful face! Have a wonderful day!

Farm Girl said...

So true Sonja, I wish I didn't take my eyes of of Jesus so much and sink just like Peter.
I wish I could go through life walking on the water.
I had a thought today, for me to be obedient to what God is trying to teach me, I have to desire His Will more than my own. Which is like getting out of that boat and trusting Him to save me. Thank you for the reminder.

Sharon said...

Great lesson, Sonja. When I read that story in the Bible, I always think - At least Peter was brave enough to get out of the boat in the first place!

And yes, it's all about perspective. You're either looking at the One Who Walks on Water, or you're looking at the waves - or in my case, sometimes you're still sitting in the boat!


Sassy Granny ... said...

I have often said: "It's easy to have faith when you don't need it."

Sometimes I'm startled to see how little of it I have when a storm bears down. It's then that my own water-walking attempts are all wet ... so to speak :)

What a skillful reminder woven together with such a simple saga.

Felisol said...

Dear Sonja,
Even when Peter took his eyes off Jesus, he was loved and did not sink under. Jesus heard his cry for help now and then. I always find it amazing that Peter, the impulsive, short hinking, denying doubter was appointed to be the Cliff.
I love the fact that I once shall meet Peter guarding the pearly gate. I know for sure, he'll understand and open the door.

manthano said...

And how many a times it takes a storm
to make us look to Jesus.
Thanks for the post.

Debbie Petras said...

In the midst of the storm, I too can get my eyes off of Jesus. So I must be related to Peter too. :)


Janette's Sage/Simply Your Decor said...

Wouldn't you know I get here and I burst into tears. I saw God show up on Sunday..oh my, the storm is still going on and yet He stilled it long enough for us to see the miracle of a wedding beyond our imagination...we expected 100 guest and 220 showed up.
So I stand here in our second round of unemployment in six months and your post just nailed always you hit the spot...thanks my precious friend for this post.

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

AMEN. Focus has been the buzz word for me lately and when we do more of that, whatever we create, ESPECIALLY each day of living, is a better sounding poem. Oh Sonja, I am grateful that God chose Peter to be one of His own; he surely was a character that embodies many of our characteristics....LOUD, IMPULSIVE, DOUBTING, FEARFUL, wavering...oh dear, the list goes on. But Peter confessed to Jesus when He asked Peter, "WHO DO YOU say that I am?" Peter was no dummy. He knew. And with that knowledge, he carried on in the storm and so shall we. We have NO OTHER CHOICE!

Thank you my friend for coming to visit. How I love bloggers! Anita

Just a little something from Judy said...

A profound illustration, and so often I have found my focus where it should not be, and thus my heart is in turmoil. When my focus is vertical, peace fills my heart. When it is horizontal, turmoil oftens fills my heart. Well written!