Thursday, January 28, 2016


We have 8 fantastic grandchildren! That's all of us at Christmas,even my hubby, whose head was cut off!

I love the names their parents  have given each of them...


When they were born, we didn't really know them yet, so the names were special, but still only names, some of them different than what we were used to...

NOW... I can't even imagine any name but the one that belongs to them. They have grown into their names... that is who they are. Isn't it funny how each name fits the person? In the case of these 8, not only is each name perfect, we smile at the mention of their names. We  picture their faces, their personalities, the special ways each of them express themselves, the funny things they say, and the many things that make them uniquely them.

God knows my name.

He calls me His child.

When He made me, He knew who I would be. He knew that I would grow into my name. He knew that my life would be a journey, and that all along the way, His plans for me were already known to him. I wonder how many times I have made Him smile... or how often His eyes filled with tears, as he has watched me make choices in my life, good ones and bad. 

I'm so glad that my name is known to Him, and that it is already recorded in HIS book, now and for eternity.


Debbie said...

OH Sonja what a GREAT post! Haven't thought of names quite like this before, but I will now. LOVE to think that He will call me by name, and He knows me like no other. Your so right too. Any grandparent knows that smile that comes to your face, and that joy that fills your heart at the mention of the name of any of their grandkids. I certainly do. And to think he feels that same joy or really much more at the sound of ours? Well it's more then I can comprehend sometimes. Thanks for this. It gave me such a lift. Hope the rest of your week is good!

manthano said...

There you go, making us think again.
Don't you know that thinking hurts.
But it does make me more grateful for
who I am and my relationship to our
mighty God. THANKS AGAIN.

Vee said...

What a great family photo...except for your hubby's he knew that he was hiding! =D It is interesting being the grandparent when the grands are named because we have no control. There's something really nice about that! It is certainly true that we cannot imagine any other name. I am looking forward to my new name. I am one of those gals who has never liked her name. I know that I will love the name that The Lord gives me.

Saleslady371 said...

Love that beautiful family photo. Everybody looks so happy! I like their names too. You're right, God knows our names and why we were named those names. We're all unique and created wonderfully. Your name is a pretty one, Sonja! said...

Well I love this post and picture. What a great word and how true. I am not use to Anchor's name..but that is his name...even Maverick is a little unusual for me, but again, he is growing into his name. I am so excited about what God will do with each of my six grandsons, however, today this post is for my Benjamin Joseph, and I am reading it to him now!!!
What a beautiful family. You know I am coming that way soon. Our son will be building homes in Rowlett...those destroyed by the tornado. We will have to visit.

Sharon said...

You're right, those are some pretty special names!! Your family is just precious, and you have every right to be so proud of them!

It is pretty wonderful to know that God created each one of us to be just exactly what He wanted us to be. There is no one else, and no other purpose, than what He has created uniquely for us!

He calls each of us by name...and one day He will hand each of us a new white stone with HIS name for us on it. Can you hardly wait?!


Just a little something from Judy said...

I love that God knows my name, and your name, and the names of your beautiful family! I like how you shared this and the personal touch you gave to each one of His children's names. What a great God we serve!

I miss you and think of you often! I really enjoyed reading each of your recent posts. My mother had two new hip replacements and 1 knee replacement over the last 15 years of her life, so I understood what you wrote about the recovery period. I hope that he is feeling real good by now.

Take care!