Saturday, August 22, 2009

my office space...

I finally finished at least the one full wall in my office, and sent this picture in to MY SPACE. It was fun, got some positive feedback, and I love sitting in here at my computer desk and knowing that at least one wall looks finished.


ch said...

the office looks super, mom! i love it! i'm happy to be the first 'follower' on your blog spot ... actually, i think i truly was your first follower ... but, as i have found out, YOU are one tough act to follow!
today i told my firstborn that you have a new blog spot and she said, "that's just great! my grandmother has a blog spot and i don't even have a facebook yet!"
ahhh, technology - you gotta love it! or do you?

Carol Joy said...

I LOVE this room, makes me want to come right in and sit down for a cup of coffee!!! I also love the other blogs, this bits and pieces is such a great idea, where so many of us "belong" and want to "be in on", keep up the good work!!!

myletterstoemily said...

is this your first post? is this creepy that i came
all the way back here? isn't it fun that we began
blogging around the same time?

is this too many questions? :)

Clinton Harvin said...

Hi there, Sonja. Your office wall looks interesting. It's relaxing, and makes me wanna spend time there just reading a good book. I see that your wall is white -- it's pretty common, but I love how it 's mixed with dark colored furniture. Do you have more photos of it? I'd like to hang different paintings and photos in my space, too. I already visited some art exhibits and shops in Reston, VA and bought some items, I just need to figure out the best place I can hang 'em.