Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Those letters!...

One of the things that happens after you turn 50, not a recent thing for me... :)

Those letters and ads for the following begin to arrive in the mailbox. The older you get, the more they send...

... pre-paid burial plots

... hearing aids

...  final funeral expenses

... investment counseling for all that money that surely has been saved in 50 years

... bifocals

... dentures

... Last Will and Testament guidance counseling

... glossy booklets on retirement living homes

... senior citizen coupons out the gazoo

... selecting a permanent urn for your ashes (this one was just plain insulting!)

Honestly, it doesn't give me that warm fuzzy feeling, the prospect of getting old...

Have they started coming to your house yet? If not, trust me, it won't be long!

Did you ever have a clue that these days would come so quickly, these days that put us in the middle age and then old age category. In case you want to forget about how old you are, the USPS will not allow it.

Is there a point here? 

Not sure I have a good lesson for myself or anyone else, I have a hard time even admitting middle age, and forget about saying I am old!  I read Genesis not long ago, and I prefer to think of how long all of the 'begats' lived. It makes me feel like a kid by comparison!

God knows the days, the length of them, and the exact time we will go to heaven, to the minute. Knowing that is everything.

Still... I do wish they would quit sending me all that stuff!

Monday, May 19, 2014

My wedding dress...

I heard it on our local news one night. A doctor's wife had started a special program at their local hospital.

When a newborn baby didn't live to come home, the parents were so grief stricken, and she wanted to do something special for that baby and the mom and dad.

She took her wedding dress, and created a one of a kind beautiful gown for the baby. 

The idea hit a chord. Ladies began to call and donate their wedding gowns and she found others who could sew and create this beautiful little garment.

My wedding dress has been in the Bullock's box all these years, high up in the closet. It served it's beautiful purpose many years ago, and it's for sure I won't be needing it. 

I am sending my dress to this very special caring group, and I am praying for the one who will wear it, and for the family of this precious little one.

Before I send my wedding dress to them, I am repeating a blog a did awhile back, one that has each of our grandaughters(except the 2 newest) wearing my dress, and the poem I wrote to reflect on that day...

I pulled the big Bullocks box down from the shelf

memories held of a long ago self...

4 young girls giggling with glee

trying on dress, from a bride that was me...

one by one they came down the curved stairs

holding the dress, sticking clips in their hair...

the rest of us stood at the bottom and sang

'here comes the bride' ... the descent began...

flip flops and shorts under satin and lace

but what captured my heart was the look on each face...

a hint of 'shy' and a smile of joy

thinking more of the dress and less of 'the boy'...

but that will all change in the coming years

and the hopes for these 'brides' is what caused my tears...

a little fun on an ordinary day

snapshots of life in a special way...