Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Those letters!...

One of the things that happens after you turn 50, not a recent thing for me... :)

Those letters and ads for the following begin to arrive in the mailbox. The older you get, the more they send...

... pre-paid burial plots

... hearing aids

...  final funeral expenses

... investment counseling for all that money that surely has been saved in 50 years

... bifocals

... dentures

... Last Will and Testament guidance counseling

... glossy booklets on retirement living homes

... senior citizen coupons out the gazoo

... selecting a permanent urn for your ashes (this one was just plain insulting!)

Honestly, it doesn't give me that warm fuzzy feeling, the prospect of getting old...

Have they started coming to your house yet? If not, trust me, it won't be long!

Did you ever have a clue that these days would come so quickly, these days that put us in the middle age and then old age category. In case you want to forget about how old you are, the USPS will not allow it.

Is there a point here? 

Not sure I have a good lesson for myself or anyone else, I have a hard time even admitting middle age, and forget about saying I am old!  I read Genesis not long ago, and I prefer to think of how long all of the 'begats' lived. It makes me feel like a kid by comparison!

God knows the days, the length of them, and the exact time we will go to heaven, to the minute. Knowing that is everything.

Still... I do wish they would quit sending me all that stuff!


Debbie said...

Oh goodness Sonja I couldn't agree is just annoying after a while. I get it...we are getting "older". lol But it isn't just the mail. I was telling my hubby on the way home from our daughters last week that suddenly WE'VE become my mom and stepdad, and the grandma and the grandpa of all the events and the rest of them are all busy, busy, busy with their young ones and their lives. When did this happen? And now my hubby's dad is 85 and coming to our house as he needs a triple by pass and will convalescence here. Soon that will be us! It just truly does go soo fast. It is comforting though somehow to know that EVERYTHING is in His hands and we can just rest in that. But I am with you...ENOUGH already! lol Hope your week is a good one!

Farm Girl said...

Yes, they have been coming for years now. I had a aunt who thought she needed to make sure we were taken care of so she was always sending salesmen to our door or giving out our names.
We got on mailing lists and yes, we still get those letters. I guess I never thought about it and getting old. I just toss them in the trash.
I have always knew it would happen, the getting old part, that is why I must keep working on the gentle and quiet heart. That beauty thing is already gone. :) Nice to see you update.

Vee said...

I wish that we could have the same courtesy that we had with telemarketers...a way to say "no thanks."

Saleslady371 said...

Yep, I get them too! Genesis is a great point for those of us who want to shoot for triple digits!

Sharon said...

Yes, I am getting stuff. As if I need to be reminded...

But yes, all of our days were written before we were ever born. God is not surprised by anything. And, He has a day appointed for us to go home.

Unless, of course, He comes back before that!!


(I am not above taking senior discounts, though...just sayin')

Debbie said...

Grinning here.
Yep. It was as if they were circling the place lick vultures watching as my husband and I turned 50. Then, they descended. The first one for us was AARP. I have told them a hundred times that I am never planning to join them, but they are aggressive little buggers.

manthano said...

Great post.
Love it because,
IT IS SO TRUE. said...

This is great!! Thanks for sharing. Hubby turned 60 and I am the one having trouble accepting that, then I think of all the people God used in their golden ages! It will take us into our 80's to pick ourselves no time to grow old.

You go girl!!

Sandy said...

Right, Janette. We really have no time to get old! We do get all that annoying mail too though. Love what Sharon said. Now that is truth!

Debbie Petras said...

Since Greg is about to turn 65, we've been getting lots of mail for seniors lately. They won't let us forget it, that's for sure.

Love you,

Barbara said...

Yes and I wonder how do they know??? Some is talking about us behind our backs right...Have a blessed day

Just a little something from Judy said...

Me too! I throw them in the trash. I smiled as I read your words and identified with them. My dad went to heaven suddenly at age 63, and I remember thinking that he seemed somewhat old:). Now that I am 60 years old, I think he was so young. Our perspective changes through life. But, like you, when I read about the old testament saints living for hundreds of years, I know I can continue throwing out my junk mail. You can too:)

Kathleen said...

I've found the cure: We've moved so many times they simply cannot find us! Maybe I'll trick death with the same ploy :D