Saturday, April 28, 2012

The "GOOD" silver...

When my parents downsized many years ago, after the 3 of us were grown, married and had our own kids, they moved from Pasadena, California, down to San Juan Capistrano, close to the beach.

In preparation for the move, they had a huge garage sale. Among the furniture that went out the door that day, was their old and well used dining room credenza. I think they got $25 for it. Later that night, as my mom was adding it all up and checking to see what was left... she remembered!!

It was one of those jolting and sickening things that happen and almost takes your breath away.

INSIDE of that dining room credenza, and forgotten in all of the commotion and business of the whole garage sale, was her heirloom sterling silver. Some of it had been in her famlily in Norway for generations, including her own parents wedding gifts from many years before she was born.

That credenza held most of my mom's earthly treasures, and she had lovingly cared for all of it as she planned for my sister and I to have it one day. It was to be her earthly legacy to us.

I remember how sick at heart she was and the tears she shed when she realized what had happened. She even remembered the pair who 'looked it all over, inside and out', paid QUICKLY, loaded it into their truck, and left immediately.

I know that my mother grieved over that loss. I also remember thinking that my sister and I were more upset that SHE was so disappointed for us.

Here's the thing...

That sterling silver fades so fast when I think of the REAL legacy that our mother left us. The legacy of a life lived before her children as a woman who loved God with all her heart, obeyed Him, served Him, and was a joy to all who knew her. I still am amazed and humbled that God chose HER to be my mother.

The sterling heirlooms are not even a blip on my radar screen.What I have been given by her life makes sterling silver fade into oblivion.

One day when we see her again, maybe we will all have a good laugh at how important that silver seemed at one time, and how little it matters now! That's worth more than silver or gold.

Monday, April 23, 2012


As you know, I am freshly home from the birth of our 'miracle' #7 grandbaby... Gracie.

Miracle on so many levels. A book full of chapters could be written on how she arrived at this time and into this family, but the bottom line is... she was sent from God.

All babies are.

This one just came by way of a particularly miraculous journey in her arrival.

At the same time Gracie was coming into the world, a friend I have known for many years was leaving the world, and meeting Jesus face to face.

The cycle of life as God has ordained it, is very clear in my heart this week. As some are beginning life, others are ending life... all of it known and ordered by God.

The days will thread their way into one another, and the weeks and months will resume normalcy again, but for THIS week, in the heart of THIS mom and mimi, the journey of life has been crystal clear.

The Lord gives and the Lord takes away... BLESSED be the name of the Lord!

He holds all of life and death in His hands, and we are safe.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

I'm back, kind of... and Gracie is here!

Grace Humility Goodson

Talk about miracles!! She is the most precious little angel, and we are all in love with her!

I think this is Monday, but it might be Thursday!!?? :) I'll be back in a few days when my nights and days get back on track.

I'm so glad to see all of you again, I've missed each one of you.