Thursday, July 25, 2013

little foxes...

Have you noticed how one particular weak area in your life keeps rearing it's head? All through life, there are 1 or 2 things that keep showing up, to pull us down, and they are the same old things...

They are the 'little foxes'.

Through the years, those little foxes have appeared in my life, the same little foxes. Not the major sins... I know God has already dealt with those and my life is different because of it. It's a strong testimony I live with every day.


Those little ones, the ones that 'spoil the vines'...they persist, and slowly I realize 'it's that fox again'!

What are some of the little foxes?

Quick and unfair judgment of another.
Critical spirit.
Talking too carelessly about someone.
Not speaking when we should speak.
. Speaking too much when we shouldn't.
. Negative spirit.
. Worry instead of trusting.

And there are many others.

Why does God say that those little foxes spoil the vines? After all, they are small... not big and glaring.

He says it because He knows that eventually if we don't cut off the path of the little fox, they grow into bigger foxes, and even in their small state, they nip away at the condition of our hearts, and they damage our attitudes and our peace.

We can't compartmentalize sin... 'If we do all of this right, one or two little areas aren't going to make so much difference.'

Oh yes they are!

God is holy. He lives in my heart, and His greatest desire is for me to walk in holiness with Him. 

He doesn't want those little foxes to gain any entrance into our lives, and if they do, we are to deal with them immediately.

I want my vine to be healthy and strong, it's a daily thing, dealing with the little fox as he appears... not waiting until he begins to spoil the vines.

Once more, it's a deliberate choice on my part.


Sunday, July 21, 2013

Night cometh...

There is a beautiful church in Dallas, the church where my hubby grew up. On the very top of a tall steeple is a huge clock mounted in the center, for all of Dallas to see as they drive by. Right under the midnight hour are the words... NIGHT COMETH.

There is such a strong message in these 2 simple words. As people drive by and see it, they immediately think of night coming, and life ending. It must cause some serious thoughts.

As believers, we know that NIGHT COMETH. Our days on this earth will be over, and we will face eternity, with hope and certainty.

For the unbeliever, what are they thinking about as they read those words. Night is coming for them too. I pray it is a reminder that this life is going to end, and that maybe they are rushing to fill their days without purpose or meaning. A wake up call. Maybe a time to ponder what on earth they are doing here, and where are they going when their own final night comes?

Either way, it is a caution. For us, that life is short, and we are to 'redeem the time'... we don't know the final day or hour when life will end. All of life is ticking toward midnight...


Monday, July 15, 2013

I miss my kids...

My kids are grown and now their own kids are growing up, so this isn't exactly a recent thing.

I don't miss them as in wanting them back as kids again, but I miss that season of life, when they were all home and their noise and chaos filled our lives. I had no idea as we went through those years, how fast they would fly by, and how quickly our nest would be empty.

These are good years, even fulfilling in ways I didn't know about back then, but still... I miss my kids!

I don't have anyone to order around, and I don't have anyone to run to the store with, haul to yet one more activity, go on a special little shopping adventure, or just 'hanging', as we did all through those years. Even though they were our kids, and the responsibility of always guiding and instructing them was there... so were they!

There is no one I'd rather spend time with these days than my grown kids and their kids. They have become such special people, each one of them.

There is a part of me that would not go back for anything, but there is another part... 

I think it will always be there.

I know... "you have raised them, they are on their own and raising wonderful families, just like you prayed for"... I know all of that. Still...

Sometimes I miss my kids.

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Master bath...

If I could only describe what a job this has been! I began tearing down the dark green wallpaper BEFORE Christmas!! I was sure that I also needed to remove the paper that was left on the walls from behind the wallpaper, (the glue part that backed the original paper) since it was 20 years old and not sure if they could paint over it.

I have been on that ladder 100 times. It sure looks easy when other people take on remodeling projects! Painting is easy, but not removing wallpaper! But now it's done, and I conceded to having the painter come in and texture the walls and then paint. My goal was something light and airy, spa-like. There are lots of windows, so the light will be pouring in and the walls are so much lighter.

Since he was already here, we had him do the downstairs guest bath too. Costco rugs and towels, and it is finished!! My husband, who always 'likes things just like they are'... may love it even more than I do. He fights change, but when it's done, he is always the biggest fan!

The painter and several of his helpers came and tore down the wallpaper in the small bath downstairs. It took them about 45 minutes!! Things just come together when you know what you're doing!

It was hard to get a good picture, since all the light was in front of me, but it is very light and airy now.

I still think of our house as our 'new house', and it's over 20 years old! Now we are replacing things... BIG things... COSTLY things, just because the years take their toll. So my plan was to do this on a small budget, I did... kind of.

Now for the bedroom...

Sunday, July 7, 2013

I am she...

There I was, peacefully driving along a main street in our town, when out in front of me, across a double line of traffic she darts...from nowhere. Not only that, but after her rush to get out there, she then pokes her way along to the main left turn light ahead, and finally at the last minute, dashes through just ahead of me, as the arrow turned red. 

It should have been me getting through that light!  I sat through another whole cycle...

I sat there 'blessing' that lady in my thoughts... 

It didn't take long for me to hear that small voice... 'how often have you done the same thing, or something worse??'

God is like that... He doesn't let us get by with things we need to improve on. Traffic is one of mine. I don't think I'm an extremely impatient person, but some of those drivers... 

Another 'trigger' for my red flag is texting behind the wheel, or even driving with the cell phone glued to their ear. They weave, they are unfocused, and they are always the car right in front of me!

My point?

I am amazed at how little it takes to disturb the calm waters of my heart. I am also sad that I seem to fall for it more often than I should. 

My experience with God tells me that it is an area He will probably continue to allow in my life, until I learn the lesson of letting it go more quickly. I know I'm not a hot head, but traffic and drivers can bring out something in me that looks mighty close sometimes.


So I trekked home and as I sit here, I pray for that lady. She may have just been an irresponsible driver, or she may have had some genuine concerns on her mind as she shot out in front of me. I pray that  she will be blessed today, in the right way...

and that the lady who was driving along behind her, would more quickly calm her heart, and let God control it all, including her reactions in traffic.