Thursday, July 25, 2013

little foxes...

Have you noticed how one particular weak area in your life keeps rearing it's head? All through life, there are 1 or 2 things that keep showing up, to pull us down, and they are the same old things...

They are the 'little foxes'.

Through the years, those little foxes have appeared in my life, the same little foxes. Not the major sins... I know God has already dealt with those and my life is different because of it. It's a strong testimony I live with every day.


Those little ones, the ones that 'spoil the vines'...they persist, and slowly I realize 'it's that fox again'!

What are some of the little foxes?

Quick and unfair judgment of another.
Critical spirit.
Talking too carelessly about someone.
Not speaking when we should speak.
. Speaking too much when we shouldn't.
. Negative spirit.
. Worry instead of trusting.

And there are many others.

Why does God say that those little foxes spoil the vines? After all, they are small... not big and glaring.

He says it because He knows that eventually if we don't cut off the path of the little fox, they grow into bigger foxes, and even in their small state, they nip away at the condition of our hearts, and they damage our attitudes and our peace.

We can't compartmentalize sin... 'If we do all of this right, one or two little areas aren't going to make so much difference.'

Oh yes they are!

God is holy. He lives in my heart, and His greatest desire is for me to walk in holiness with Him. 

He doesn't want those little foxes to gain any entrance into our lives, and if they do, we are to deal with them immediately.

I want my vine to be healthy and strong, it's a daily thing, dealing with the little fox as he appears... not waiting until he begins to spoil the vines.

Once more, it's a deliberate choice on my part.



Marsha Young said...

Good words to live by. My own vine has sometimes been so chewed upon it resembled a moth-eaten rag.

Thank God for his patience with us.

elaine @ peace for the journey said...

I have a few little foxes;thankfully, I recognize them as they arrive at the doorstep of my heart. I'm getting better at shutting them down. God's Spirit and strength are an amazing grace from heaven. Together, we step forward to conquer the sin in my life. God is doing great things. How I love him!

Debbie said...

Oh Sonja I am afraid I battle those little foxes until I grow weary...sigh. But I know that I must DAILY fight that old nature that continues to want to rear it'e ugly head on one vine and then the other. I can't ever think the battle is over or won, or I will leave myself vulnerable for more attack in another area (vine). I must not be distracted, or forgetful, or complacent. We must know that Satan will find every way he can to defeat us. But I instead I must pray constantly, examine my heart and motives without fail, keep my eyes on Jesus, and fill myself with His Holy Spirit daily. This was a really good post! And it has made me think again about all the little things we think of as no big deal. Thanks for writing it! Blessings, Debbie

Rebecca said...

Oh yes! I keep a sharp watch out for those little foxes (a couple of which appear on the list in your post)! They are pesky little fellows. And SO sneaky, too.

Joy said...

You are not alone with these little foxes, but thanks God that He that is in us us bigger:)
Have a nice week end dear!

Sharon said...

I love this post. And this phrase was great: "We can't compartmentalize sin." No, nor should we try to rank it - there are no *big* or *little* sins. It's all sin - falling woefully short of God's perfection.

May He give us the wisdom to recognize the little foxes, and the strength to shoo them right out the door of our hearts!


Kathleen said...

I could easily post your Little Fox List on my own blog today. They are the very things my own will devises when I give it free reign. It's even worse when I allow those same foxes to watch the hen house: not only do they steal from within, but from without as well.

Note to self: Best to let foxes become nice coats.

Vee said...

Catch ye the little foxes...always an excellent word. If one is human there's been a little fox somewhere.

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Oh Sonja, I am crying as I read your comment to me, then as I come HERE to see what you have written: WHAT YOU POSTED HERE IS FOR ME TO READ TODAY! But as much as I commit these sins against my brothers and sister, I commit these horrid acts against myself as well. I judge myself too much, based on past experiences and how people have treated me. I am currently learning that I must stand up against MY OWN fears and press on to accept my limits (not to quit what is hard, but to persevere and learn the greater lesson) and to be faithful to the task of being humble in order to learn the lesson God wants me to learn. So what you have said here is of utmost importance to consider how we also treat ourselves because eventually, how we see ourselves is how we start to see others....thank you my dear friend. Have a wonderful week keeping those little foxes at bay!

(we have foxes in our alleys and they are creepy looking, though quite beautiful!)

Debbie said...

Amen dear sister. I happen to share so many of the foxes on your list, too. To me, they are like little tiny malignancies, hairline almost. Who in his right mind would say that a small cancer is a safe cancer?

Debbie Petras said...

I have a few little foxes. Worrying instead of trusting and not speaking when I should speak are two that I am guilty of. Thanks for the reminder Sonja.

Love you,

Just a little something from Judy said...

You know what Sonja? Those little foxes rear their ugly heads in my part of the world too. They show up uninvited, unexpected, and too often. I know don't notice them until I start wondering why I am feeling down and discouraged, and then I see them. We need to pray for each other in this are area. You are right too, in that when our perspective is right, and our vision is vertical instead of horizontal, they don't show up as often. Great reminder! Truth be known, until I go to heaven, they will still keep showing up around here.

Soul's Panting said...

My vines certainly are ones that need pruning from time to time, and just when I think I have gotten rid of all the little rascally offshoots, another sneaks in. That saying, "the little foxes. . ." is one of my favorite sayings. Thank you for so well reminding me. Many blessings! - Rhonda

Lea @ CiCis Corner said...

What a profound post! I definitely deal with some of these little foxes that choke my Vine for sure. I generally recognize them right away and try to "nip them in the bud" but sometimes I'm more successful than at other times. Sweet blessings to you! said...

Well confirmation again...God has been putting that verse in my heart a lot lately, and to be honest I wanted to just plug my ears! Yes and Amen...the little foxes that spoil the vine!