Thursday, April 10, 2014

Sunday morning saints... not!

I've now lived through my own generation of growing up, the generation of raising our own kids, and we are into the years of 'their kids'...

Here's something I know for sure.

Sunday mornings are not always filled with the sounds of saints, even in a christian home, maybe especially in a christian home!

We did not always look like this family...

I remember lots of bickering, snickering and downright ugly behaviour, and it wasn't always just the kids...

Satan hates Sunday mornings, I'm sure of it. 

He is out to defeat the mom and dad and family who head faithfully to God's house. Have you noticed it?? There we were, obeying what God's word teaches, raising our family to do the same, and rather than righteous and victorious living, chaos was often the scene.

We didn't always look like the storybook family headed to church. Sometimes when I was growing up, we were in churches where we were the guests, and my dad was the speaker for their service. It's bad enough to already have your nose out of joint, but worse when you are introduced as the preacher's family!

Really, it's the same today. When we obey God, satan gets his dukes up and starts to punch holes into the 'righteousness of the saints'... 

Even so... we keep at it, and the final victory, on Sunday mornings and every day belongs to God. When we do our part, he works it together for good. As to the storybook... we are not perfect people, neither are our children. All through the journey, God is teaching each one of us. 

What we learn is to 'get our dukes up' more quickly, and stand toe to toe with the Sunday morning or any morning temptations that satan will continue to bring our way.

Just like David with his slingshot...  as we put up our dukes, these battles begin to change, and so do we.