Wednesday, June 4, 2014

In the kitchen...

This is Faith, our youngest grandchild, she is very into her kitchen.

I used to be much more into my own kitchen.

When your house is full of kids, it's fun to make all of those good things, you have such an appreciative audience, and they make it such fun.

When you are doing all of it for only TWO of you, it seems like I always make too much and end up wasting part of it. It's as much work for 2 as for 10, but usually we aren't that into it, so I don't make those big meals much. We are eating lighter and less.

Another great thing about being this age... Faith isn't worried about the scale at all... she just loves her pink dishes and stands on her tip toes to reach them all. Free as a little bird. The day will no doubt come when she starts looking at the scale, and maybe 

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