Monday, June 30, 2014

I'm not a contest winner...

I have filled out forms, dropped them in boxes, submitted them online, tried all of it except for the lottery, and I never win anything!

Do you??

I have to admit that my attempts to win anything are both sporadic and half hearted. I don't usually waste the time to enter contests or pursue it very hard. I do sometimes enter Pioneer Woman's giveaways... she has such special things to give away... cowboy boots, good kitchen knives, and pots and pans... :)

I also entered HGTV's dream home in Lake Tahoe, California. I had this strong feeling that I might actually win that house. So much for strong feelings...

The odds of ever winning one of those contests are staggering, against it. Picture 10 warehouses filled with huge carts, full of tiny strips of names and addresses, and only one will be picked. The odds are very good that it will never be me.

Isn't it an amazing miracle that we are not dependent on a random drawing out of millions of entries for the very best gift of all, our salvation. 

It's the only free gift that we must have, and it's ours.

My mother had a dream when she was a little girl. God's arm scooped down from heaven to earth with a giant dust pan. She stood and held her breath each time that pan came close, hoping she would be scooped up.

We don't have to wait in fear, cross our fingers, or hope with all our hearts that we will be scooped up. The great news is that because I have believed on Jesus and He is my saviour... I WILL be on that dustpan.

There has never been a contest with a prize like that. If there were, the whole world would be falling over each other to enter and re-enter, hoping to win.

God's gift... the real prize... is free, and it includes everyone who will accept. His prize was bought and paid for with the blood of his only son.

No wonder the world's contests don't have a deep pull on my heart... I've already won the only one that matters, and it was offered to me, free, on a solid gold platter that held only one thing, the cross.


Debbie said...

AMEN!! You've presented the gospel perfectly! And I like that illustration too. Praise God it isn't random and there isn't any limit to it's recipients! Have a wonderful week!

Vee said...

Love this! You have shared the truth so beautifully! I'm going to be on the dustpan, too!

Sandy said...

You always encourage and share so simply and I appreciate that. I come away refreshed with a new perspective. I won a super new iPad a couple of years ago and I am still enjoying that!

Sharon said...

No, I never win anything either. However, I was given salvation, just like you, and with that we have hit the JACKPOT!!

Yes, because of Jesus, we are on that dustpan - for we are specks of matter...that matter!!


Cindy said...

Great thoughts to start my day. As believers we really have hit the jackpot as Sharon said in her comment.

Debbie Petras said...

Keep on preaching and spreading the Good News in your special way Sonja! Oh yes, I too have signed up for giveaways hoping to win the big prize. I thought that HGTV home was mine too. :)

But we have the best gift of all, don't we? Sometimes it's good to be reminded of that.

Love you sis,

Debbie said...

I had to go and read the other post I had missed before coming back to comment here.

Love this analogy, and I am so glad that I'm a winner of the only life "contest" that is real anyway.

(And even though I said it there, I will say here that I'm still in the afterglow of the emotions brought up in that previous post.)

Kathleen said...

I love your propensity for contest entering! Like you, I have done similar, hopeful things. One year, I entered the Publisher's Clearing House contest every, single day (I'd heard former winners got picked that way). Alas, I'm still a pauper.

But ... as you also rightly point out, we are rich in Him. That free gift is the best ever!

Lea @ CiCis Corner said...

Oh, yes, the free gift of life. I cannot imagine living without this assurance each and every day. Great post Sonja!

Beth Herring said...

ah! TRUTH!! We get so wrapped up in this world, we forget the most important gift of all was free but certainly not cheap.... oh, how I love Jesus!

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

AMEN AND AMEN! And this truth, taken in total faith, is sometimes hard to grasp because of the dimension in which we operate here on earth. But thank God He never fails to reach down to us and communicate through His word, through each other!

Sonja my friend, thank you for coming to visit my post. I am thrilled that you would enter! I am putting your name on my list this morning, and yes, please! TAKE US TO NORWAY! (I love the place) and be creative, be different! Oh thank you my dear. Happy weekend and see you next week. If you have any questions, please leave me a comment. But get your post ready to active on July 18 and link your readers back to me with my little banner and the correct link to my blog. OK? Merci! Anita said...

Just being reminded of this truth makes this Texas girl shout!!! That truth is more precious with each year of life. Thanks for stating it for us all to be reminded or to hear for the first time.