Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Have I told you I am 'almost' a princess?...

My father was born in America, but his heritage was German. His ancesters were born in Germany. His last name was Gesswein. Centuries ago, his family had the name GOSSWEIN, the spelling got changed through the years. There is a small place in Germany named GOSSWEINSTEIN , with a beautiful palace, which was in his family line.

It was the tradition that the oldest son would be the king, and of course his daughter, the princess. That tradition stopped long, long ago, but had it continued... my dad (the oldest son) would have been the king and that would make me (his daughter, as well as my sister)...a princess! (and my brother a prince.)

Here is the brochure from what is today a tourist area in Germany, named GOSSWEINSTEIN. The castle was built in the 1100's, and later given to our ancestors for occupancy.

This place is absolutely beautiful! I don't think I've ever been a drama queen, or princess, but... not sure I couldn't adjust!

I wonder if I visit there one day, if they will treat me as royalty??

It's good to know that Isa. 62:3 tells us..."You will be a crown of splendor in the LORD's hand, a royal diadem in the hand of your God."

While this is all true and part of my earthly family, the real story is...

There is royal blood in my family line, and it comes from God Himself!! He is my father and I am His heir!

That's all the royalty I will ever need...


Andrea said...

I am thankful we share that same royal bloodline from GOD HIMSELF!!

Hope you are having an awesome day. Thank you so much for all your sweet comments on arise 2 write. You are a precious friend.

Hugs, andrea

Deborah Ann said...

Cool! There is royalty in my family as well. My ancestors come from Prague. A few years ago we visited there. We were on a bus tour, so we couldn't do too much apart from the group. I would love to go back and meet some relatives. They weren't kings or anything, but they were definitely royal, and a bit whacko, from what I've heart...

Rose said...

Woohoo Sonja, it doesn't get any better than being and heir to the throne of the KING OF KINGS!!!!

Debbie Petras said...

Amen to that last statement Sonja! We are heirs and how amazing is that?

However, I have to say it's pretty cool knowing about your dad's background too. A princess, oh my how exciting.

I love learning more about you. My email is still not working but I wanted to stop by and say hello to you.

Love you,

Territory Mom said...

I love this. You have such a cool family history. I come from peasants and thieves.
Love the scripture. I feel like you are my Sunday school online.

myletterstoemily said...

well, i am not one bit surprised!!!

does that win you any points in
arguments with your husband, who
i am assuming is just a commoner?

what little girl doesn't dream about
being a princess? i know i did.

now i'm going to tell all my friends,
"well i might not be one, but i know
one!" :)

but seriously, we are all heirs to the
King of Kings, hallelujah!


ps. i lingered a minute in front of the
whoopie pies, too. said...


I HAVE noticed that when my husband, the 'commoner', does occasionally refer to me as a princess, his tone of voice doesn't really make me feel like I'm a princess right then!! :)

Saleslady371 said...

This is interesting. Yes, you are royalty! Praise the Lord!

Rita said...

I lived in Germany when I was in my early teens. My sister and I went back for a memory trip about 10 years ago. It was wonderful.

elaine @ peace for the journey said...

We must be related:)

From one princess to another... wear your crown well this week!


Cindy said...

I love the concept of being a princess for the King of kings! It's something I have to remind myself of when the enemy tries to make me feel insignificant.

GwendolynKay said...

You will always be a princess in my book! We are children of the King!
Blessings and hugs!

Andrea said...

Hope you will stop by arise 2 write and read about the Vermont Church plant.
Hugs, andrea

Crown of Beauty said...

What an amazing and interesting post, Sonja. You have a lovely bloodline - a Norwegian Mom and a German Father... and wow, you still are royalty/ It is in your blood and DNA!

I do hope you get to visit that lovely Gosswein place some time!

But yes, as you put it we are all royalty because of the bloodline of Jesus. We are a ROYAL priesthood.


LisaShaw said...

Amen my friend! As I read your post I was thinking what you ultimately said at the end. Beautiful sharing!

Love and blessings to you!

Kathleen said...

You ARE, absolutely, a princess! What a wonderful family heritage - both in the literal and the spiritual realms.

Having toured Germany for three weeks last Fall, I can honestly say the landscapes dotted with castles fascinated me. They're all over Europe, and many are refurbished and open for tourist viewing. They're fabulous, even if they are a wee bit dark & cold.

My roots reach back to Castle Cary in Ireland through my father's maternal side, but to the land of the French Argonne & the common class on my mother's paternal side. I think that makes me a hard-working aristocrat. ?

Bless you, dear friend,

viktoria said...

Dear Sonja,
I'm so happy to read your blog post and if I recognize well you are also a Gösswein / Gesswein. It's really interesting for me because I live in Hungary, Europe but my great-grandmother (and her brother and her sister) was also a Gösswein and had stories about her life here, in this little city and mentioned this castle. Unfortunately I do not remember so well the stories but I know that some of my relatives went there from Hungary to see the castle and the neighborhood. She also mentioned me that we have some relatives who lived in Germany and had the name "Gösswein". My great-grandmother was born in 1916 but I don't know when was the time when she lived here and she passed away in 2016. She was the least child in the family. Do you know a little more about your family's life here?