Thursday, May 5, 2011

Birth order musings...

Did you ever read the birth order book?

I read it a few years ago. Honestly... I laughed out loud at some of the descriptions. I don't know why I had never thought much about it, but even though it may not all apply, I see the reality and reasoning as I reflect on my own family.

I was a middle child... look out!

It isn't that I got 'lost in the shuffle' exactly, but the oldest was the one who kind of took charge of the other 2, and the youngest was the one who EXPECTED things to kind of go her way.

Then, with my own kids... more of the same. Our oldest is extremely responsible and can take charge with no problems. The middle one is the MIDDLE one, and the baby EXPECTS things, and those things HAPPEN for him! And now, my kids are seeing the same thing with their own kids.

The whole concept makes me smile.

And then there is the ONLY child, like my husband.... that's another story altogether!

Can you see the birth order traits in your own family??

The top picture is my brother and sister and I.... now I've come full circle to our own 6 grandkids, and I can see the birth order traits in all of them, not to mention how beautiful and perfect and wonderful they are!!

They have blessed and enriched my life... family, hubby, kids, grandkids and the whole lot... on this Mother's Day, and every day!


Debbie Petras said...

Sonja, I am a middle child too! Go figure sis...

I love the photo of you and your siblings; too cute. And your grandchildren are so precious. I just know you must love to spoil them.

Love you and Happy Mother's Day to you,

Felisol said...

Dear Sonja,
I am the oldest, 15 month elder than my baby brother, who still brother.
Guess I like being who I am.

You've got wonderful grandchildren. What a special gift. The smiling girl in the middle, in a red flower dress; she must be your "spitting image"? The two of you are smiling like the world was made of sunshine and ice cream.

Hope you have the opportunity to enjoy "grandmotherhood", even though I know your grandchildren aren't living that close to you.
Have a wonderful , special day.
from Felisol

Debbie said...

I love to banter about birth order stories. It's so easy to tick off the first borns. They don't admit to a single negative trait, and they are STILL keeping record of every time the younger ones got to do something earlier than they did. Try it sometime.

Now, the baby of the family (ahem)will fully admit to being a spoiled little drama queen. For some oddball reason, they think it's a badge of honor.

Don't ask me how I know.
And don't ask my big sisters. They'll just call me a big baby.

Of course, I'm not sure I was ever a baby since my mother was apparently too busy to take any pictures of me...

Thanks for giving me fun thoughts this morning. said...

Oh you had promised this post awhile back and so glad you did it. Yes I read the book when the first ones of mine were small and thought...there is no way..well with age comes so wisdom and it is more true than not.

Your grandchildren are just precious! Thanks for sharing , Each a wonderful special treasure from God.
Happy Mother's Day...we prayed for my daughter-in-law and son and are hoping next year we will be celebrating Mother's Day for her and I will be a grandmother!!!

Sandy said...

I don't know how much of it I actually
believe, but it is really interesting.
Your grandkids are darling and I love
the picture of you and your siblings.

Beth E. said...

I'm the oldest in my family...'nuff said! ;-)

elaine @ peace for the journey said...

I did my Master's thesis on "birth order" and the effects in the classroom; loved every bit of research and reading I did on the topic. And yes, I see it in my own family in so many ways. Of course, with a blended family, the dynamics change a bit, and every time there's a huge gap in the ages of kids, it kind of starts over. But I can tell a baby of the family a mile away. And most of my dr.s are babies... go figure!


Rita said...

My sister and I were just talking about this not long ago! I think we can all see these things in our own families. Interesting!

Marsha Young said...

Sonja - What a fun post. And yes, I read the book years ago, and immediately thought, "Oh, dear, here we go."

It seemed to have our family dynamics down to a "tee" - almost scary. :) Hope you had a wonderful Mother's Day. Blessings to you - Marsha

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...


Oh how nice it is to see you !!! I have NO SIBLINGS, but I can most definitely see this in other family members and in the children I teach!!! LOOK AT YOU, LOOK AT YOUR CHILDREN!!! And you are right; the ONLY CHILD HUSBAND THING IS ANOTHER STORY...waiting for you to tell!!!!

Thank you dearest for BELIEVING as well; mum will be waiting for you and me.

Blessings, Anita

GwendolynKay said...

Hello Dear Sonja,
Sorry it has been so very long since I have been by. I have been thinking of you often over the last few months. Your friendship is one I treasure. I have rejoined blog land once again. I hope to be in touch with you more often.
I am a middle child also.
Blessings and hugs!

Sharon said...

I actually did a talk on birth order recently. I find it fascinating. It's no secret - I'm a firstborn, and a pretty typical one at that. And yes, I totally see birth order in my own family - the one I grew up in, and the one I raised.

Now, I have to say one thing in defense of firstborns - we're not always bossy, and we can admit to negative traits. (Take that, Debbie - HA! :)
However, yes, I will admit to keeping some *lists* - and thinking that the younger ones get all the attention...

To me, studying birth order is like learning about temperament types. They're all just tools for understanding what makes people "tick." Of course, the Spirit-filled person is being transformed from the inside out - and God can accomplish ALL kinds of things in everyone!!

And Sonja, Mrs. Middle Child - you have NOT gotten lost in my shuffle!!


Farm Girl said...

Yes, I read that book too, and frankly it scared me to death. But yes I have seen the same things work out just like you.
Now that my kids are all grown and see my grand kids I see it clearer.
I don't know how I missed this post. I lost all my followers a week ago and now my sidebar doesn't update, This just came up.
I hope they get stuff fixed soon.

NanaNor's said...

Hi sweet friend, I'm been here just not leaving comments-please forgive me. I am always so blessed by visiting you!
I've read the birth order book years ago and find it accurate in most cases. I was the "surprise" with 12 & 13 yrs between my two older siblings so I was like an only child.
Have a wonderful weekend.
Much love,Noreen

Kathleen said...

Oh my ... I haven't thought of that book in years. I must say: I laughed aloud when I saw your middle-child cheesy grin. So funny!

I was both an only, and the youngest. I bear the marks of both :)