Saturday, December 29, 2012

One last blog...2012...

For quite awhile, I have given serious thought to putting my blog on the shelf, at least for now...

I never dreamed when I accidentally wrote my first blog, that it would continue for 3 years. It has, and I have been so blessed to share my own life and heart, and even more... yours.

I sense that there are new things ahead in this chapter called 2013.  I'm not even sure exactly what that means yet, but I know that God is walking ahead of me, and that where He leads will be good.

I don't plan to let you all go... so I will be checking in and keeping up from time to time, on what your lives are doing. There are so many of you that I feel such a heart connection with, so I will send an email once in awhile, just to stay in touch. You know who you are.

Some of you are serious writers, and your words are amazing. Some just share their lives, much as I have done, and there's real value in that as well. I've loved the whole basketful!

I never aspired to write... but what has been written during these 3 years, has been a 'working out' of many things in my heart after my parents went to heaven. I'm not sure that I won't ever write again, I've learned not to make 'black and white' statements, but for now... this stepping away is clear to me,and I will leave the words to the rest of you.

Thank you every single one who has read and commented. You have lifted my heart, encouraged me, and challenged my own faith to be more. I have grown to love so many of you and consider you to be true friends, not just cyber buddies, but genuine heart connected friends.

I will leave this page up, so I can visit all of you and keep in touch, and maybe even post a hello occasionally.

Love and God's VERY best to each of you in this New Year! I am excited and ready for His new challenges in my life, and I pray the same for you.


P.S....In trying to correct something on the blog set up page, I accidentally have erased the comments on this and the last few blogs. Thank you for the kind words...

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