Monday, February 3, 2014

Write it down!...

My dad always told us:

"The palest ink is better than the best memory"

Maybe it's an old Chinese proverb, but it's one of those pieces of wisdom that I am reminded of every time I DON'T write it down.

Just today... I had an appointment, I thought, at 11:30. When I got there, the lot was empty and the building was locked. I quickly made a call and discovered that I had the wrong week! Did I write it down?? Nope.

How many times have I gone to the grocery store, and without a list of specifics, I come home without the most important item that lead me there in the first place!

Do you do that??

This is not a very important blog entry... except when it is! It only matters when I did NOT write something down and whatever it was is not on the list where it needs to be.

Is it simply part of the process of getting older, or is it the pace of the world we are living in, one that keeps our minds full and cluttered, and needing a good old pen and paper.

I am into lists these days, even when I leave them sitting on my desk after I've left the house to go and do those things...

The only thing I DON'T need a list for is to find my car after I leave the store and think it's on the right, but it isn't there... for THAT I have my key alarm, which beeps when I get within close range of where the car really is... on the left. 

I am not going to tell you how many times I've used that beeper!


Vee said...

I hope it wasn't last week! =D I have never heard that quote, but I like it. It works for all of us journaling bloggers, too.

manthano said...

Will make a list as soon as I learn to spell.

Sharon said...

OK, yeah, I'm there with you!

My biggest frustration is when I make the list, and then I either misplace it or forget to take it with me! Senior moments are NOT my friend.

Do you think that the Lord knew we were like this? Is that why He always counsels us to remember? Is that why hiding His Word is so important?

(The answer to these just might be yes...!)


(Yes, thank goodness for the *panic button* on my keys. That beeping and blaring has helped me find my way home to the car many a time...)

Debbie Petras said...

This is funny! I just came from Janette's blog and she wrote about losing her car in the parking lot. It must be catching. :)

I always tend to forget my grocery list. I take the time to write what I need down on a paper but then go to the store without my list. I try to remember what I wrote but usually forget something. Another thing I try to do is to use coupons but I'm always forgetting them too.

I tend to write down my appointments though. Now Sonja listen to your dad!

Thanks for the birthday wishes.

Love you,

Debbie said...

Can't tell you how often I use that beeper, haha. And lists have just become a way of life for me...never used to be, but sure are now. Oh the joys. Enjoy the rest of your week! said...

Well I am glad I am not alone. After yesterday's comments I am really not alone. Too funny!
I am horrible about ever writing list, just ask my friends. I put it all in my head and in the past it worked!!
Your parents have so many wonderful sayings.

Farm Girl said...

I have to write every thing down now. I just can't keep everyone's schedules in my head. I have always been a note taker though.
I like your Dad's proverb.

Debbie said...

Oh sister, you are singing my song. I have to write everything down. Then, I lose my list. (And why haven't I ever done the key ring alarm? I'm feeling very blonde for never having thought of it. Seriously. )

Don't know how I missed this earlier. I would plead "busy" but the list of my blogs is written down right there in my sideboard. Apparently, I don't do any better in cyberspace than I do in regular old air space.

Kathleen said...

I'm both a calendar keeper and a note taker, so your dad's wisdom rings my chimes! I have to laugh, though. I have an older sister who's not quite as sharp as she was in her younger days. Her entire house is filled with sticky notes (I'm talking hundreds here). I think she has notes to remind her about notes & their whereabouts.

elaine @ peace for the journey said...

I'm a fan of lists. The older I get, the more I need them. Some days I feel like I'd forget to go to bed if it wasn't on the list!


Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

I LOVE THIS. Since we do not live in the times of the ancients who committed everything to memory and passed down their gems of wisdom by oral history, we MUST write it down! I am enjoying that quote about the palest ink....that is for sure.

Sonja dear, your father was certainly a man of wisdom and heart. How blessed you are to still have his words ring in your mind and heart. See? Love never dies.

Thanks for visiting! Anita

Just a little something from Judy said...

How well I can relate to this post. In fact, it is almost to the point in this girl's life, that I have to write me a note about what I need upstairs, so that when I get there, I know:) As for the car beeper...I am sure my count is higher than yours, especially since everyone and their brother has white cars like mine:) Great post dear Sonja.