Tuesday, May 12, 2015

This was a big one!...

Sunday was Mother's Day. Our plan was to go to East Texas, have lunch and spend the afternoon with our son Tommy and his family. The day began with storms, more were expected, so we decided to stay home.

Sunday night, with less than  a one minute warning, a level 3 tornado hit the small town of Van, Texas. It struck down BEHIND the area of the new building our son had recently built and occupied for their business, about a half block from them. It went on to destroy about one third of that small town. You have probably seen the footage on the news. One of their employees lost his home.

The first time I was in Van was when Tommy and Dedra were married in the beautiful Baptist church where right now they are helping to care for the people of Van who lost their homes. 

Tommy and Dedra live in Lindale, east of Van about 15 minutes. They are fine, all of Dedra's family is fine, many of them live in Van, and we are so thankful. 

It is such a vivid reminder of how quickly life can change, as it has for those who lost lives, homes, and all that they owned.

There are already many heart warming stories being told of the way people have gathered to pitch in and help this community. The schools have been seriously damaged, and not one person living in Van is not connected to someone who has been touched by this storm. They told us on the news last night not to bring any more supplies right now, they have been flooding into Van from everywhere.

We will continue to pray for all who have been touched by this, both in Van and all around our country. I will also continue to thank God that he heard our prayers and Tommy's business was spared.


Sharon said...

I suppose there's no greater gift a mother could want than the safety of her children. So glad that Tommy and family are safe and sound.

Life is so sudden and random at times. And if I let myself go, I'd be paralyzed with fear at that knowledge. Fortunately, I know who sits on the throne...


Vee said...

Such devastation. It is truly overwhelming. I rejoice with you that your son's business was spared and I will pray for his community to heal and recover moving forward.

Kathleen said...

Oh my goodness. Toooooo close for comfort!

I've been watching snippets on the news and thankful that more lives weren't lost. A nature in fury is cruel. I am also blessed to hear about the number of people who've come out to help those affected. God's hands and feet, for sure.

We don't have tornadoes here. We have earthquakes. No matter, they always serve to remind me of the great power of God. Humbling.

So glad you & yours are safe.

Lea @ CiCis Corner said...

So amazing how quickly these tornados can wreck havoc on a town and the lives and property they destroy. So happy that your son and family and his business are all okay. Blessings!

Debbie said...

WOW!! way, way, too close! Soo thankful your son and his family and business were all OK. Yes, in a blink of eye everything can change. So scary. Joining you in prayer for this town and all those who were affected. Blessings to them all!

Debbie Petras said...

When I saw the news of the weather in Texas, I immediately thought of you. But my, I never realized how your son and his wife would be so close. It's amazing how one home can be hit and another left alone. But it is a good reminder that life can change in a second. I will be praying for those who lost homes. And I'm so glad to read about all who dug in and helped.

Love you,

Just a little something from Judy said...

I thought about you with the news reports we were hearing. So quickly all can change. What a special gift it was, that your son's business was not hit. So thankful that you are all okay. Thanks so much for sharing and for encouraging me this morning, about all the kindness and generosity you saw extended by those in the town.