Tuesday, October 13, 2009

David, a Man After God's Heart...

I am taking such a great bible study course at our church right now. It is about the life of David, who was CHOSEN by God and was a man 'after God's own heart'... I have ALWAYS loved the story of David in the Bible... the reason is that despite the grievous sins he committed, David had a deep desire to be God's man, and God called David 'a man after his heart.' ...It is a huge comfort to me that God KNEW in advance, exactly what David would do, both right and wrong, and yet... GOD SAW THE POTENTIAL OF DAVID'S HEART, and He CHOSE David! I know that God has CHOSEN me in the same way . HE SEES MY POTENTIAL AND WANTS TO SEE THAT POTENTIAL REALIZED. That is just an amazing thought, that this same God Almighty... loves me and is shaping me day by day into what He wants my life to be.

The verses that tell us "YOU WERE CHOSEN BEFORE THE FOUNDATION OF THE WORLD," and "BEFORE I FORMED YOU IN YOUR MOTHER'S WOMB, I KNEW YOU AND SET YOU APART" ... those verses feel like a personal message to me from God, and tells me how important I am to Him, that HE created me and chose me. Not 'the rich and famous, or smart or beautiful', but ME!... WOW!!!

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Debra said...

Hey Sonja, thanks so much for visiting my blog the other day. I've been away from my computer the past few days so forgive my slow response.

This is a wonderful devotional you have posted here and so true.

I hope you will continue to blog. I have found that it has been a very rewarding experience. Even if no one reads it, it helps me to express myself, and gives some clairty to my thoughts.

Blessings, I'll be back to visit again soon!