Thursday, January 6, 2011

Dad preached, we went along for the ride...#5...

The Sunshine Trio...

During some of our summer trips where dad preached in many churches, mostly small ones... our great friends, Jesse & Virginia Leise met up with us. Jesse was an outgoing, full of joy soloist and song leader. (Now they call them worship leaders)...

Oh... did we ever have some adventures when our families hooked up!

Jessie & Virginia had 2 kids, so now there were 5 of us, all eager for the fun and adventure that kids can find when they've been cooped up in the car traveling for days.

One summer my sister and Marion Leise and I decided we needed to be a 'trio' during one of the evening services in these small towns. We came up with "the sunshine trio" and we went to work...

We were blessed to have the preacher and the soloist as our parents... someone less biased may have heard us sing and decided it wasn't necessary. But no... they encouraged us and announced our song and we sang. I don't have a lot of memories about the performance, but feel quite sure that of the 3, I would have been the one trying not to giggle.

We just celebrated Christmas Eve in our home with our 3 kids and their 6 kids. It is always a highlight of our year. Before we open gifts, we have a Christmas Eve service, complete with a printed program. Each of the kids sing or recite scripture, one even whistles (and this time he turned his back as he whistled 'Joy to the World', claiming that when he looks at mimi, he wants to laugh. This time with his back turned he said 'somehow I can still see mimi!)... :)

They had built a manger with their dad from scrap lumber at Lowe's, filled it with hay, and were dressed as Joseph, Mary and a shepherd, which they acted out to Carrie Jobe's "Revelation Song."

By the time the program was over and my hubby had read the Christmas story from Luke, and we had all joined in singing carols, the youngest one was DONE being a shepherd and was ready to move on to the gifts that were under the tree!

So here we are, a generation later, each one of our 6 can already outsing 'the sunshine trio'...

(The drawing is by Lainey, one of our grandkids who drew this version of 'the sunshine trio'...)


myletterstoemily said...

i can't WAIT! when our kids were little, we did the
same, but somehow as teenagers, they didn't really
care to. :)

but with my grandchildren (someday) i will have
such a fun nativity parade and trio!

wish i could have heard yours.


Cindy said...

How fun. I always enjoy hearing these stories of your childhood as you participated in your parent's ministry.

Debbie said...

How fun....We used to do the same thing too with my cousins growing up. Now my grandkids LOVE to do "shows" too. My 5 year old grand daughter recited the ENTIRE portion of scripture in Luke about the birth of Jesus complete with hand motions this year. It was soo adorable and precious it brought me to tears! said...

I love husband's sister would do this with our kids (the boys protested)....they were like her grandkids. I would love to do this with ours grandkids one day.

The first part took me back to my young, young small girls we would all crowd to the front pew on Sunday nights. Our choir director, song leader, had a tendency to let you sing a verse on Sunday night if you sang out. We would shout out the song until he would stop and let us sing a verse by ourselves...not telling what we sounded like. Now I wish I could go back and tell him how much that meant to me...I am sure he has been with the Lord for when I get to heaven I sure will.

So love these post!!

elaine @ peace for the journey said...

When I was a child, I was known for organizing the kids in the neighborhood for outside dramas, etc. One year, I informed my parents that on that particular evening a few neighbors were coming over for a little drama. Little did they know that nearly 25 people would show up, crammed in our basement den, where 7 of us put on a live nativity, complete with animals. I told mom as they arrived just a few refreshments would be great. Imagine their surprise!

In reflection, I don't imagine they would trade that memory for anything! Oh, and of course we sang... every chance we got. I so enjoyed the stage back then; not much has changed.


Felisol said...

Dear Sonja,
How great that you have managed to pass your legacy from your wonderful childhood to your own children and grandchildren, even if it's in a new version.
I know that when children are integrated in a family project from childhood on, that will glue the family together forever.
That is also why I find it so sad here in Norway, when I read that children are spending more hours pr year with strangers in kindergartens, schools e.t.c., than with their own parents.
We need family churches and church families.
I know that from growing up in an including Pentecostal Church,while our church now, is more segregated in age divisions.
The last year the old wooden churches have done something to face this problem. They've removed antique benches by the door and made playground for children.
This way the parents can enjoy the 11 o'clock Sunday service without having to organize babysitters.
Of course there are Sunday schools as well in other buildings.

I love following your wonderful family as you are moving along. You are opening gates to my past as well. I feel blessed.

Lainey already is a skilled and gifted artist. The colors of the dresses, the simple way she has made it clear that the Sunshine Trio is performing in a church; great.
I hope to see more of her drawings.

Rita said...

Oh what fun! Isn't it wonderful to have family traditions and all the memories that they make when you grow older? From your posts, you have lots of good memories through the years with your family. We always enjoy hearing about them. And now you are making memories with your own family! How great!

Just Be Real said...

Sounds like fun Sonja. Thank you for sharing. Blessings.

Debbie said...

These stories are wonderful, both old AND new. I giggled at the grandson who can't whistle while looking at you. My daughter used to say that I was looking at her "with my face" whatever THAT meant...

You have a family that has clearly cultivated love for generations. I love the Sunshine Trio story! I can relate since I grew up in church probably just like the ones you visited.

Kathleen said...

Somehow I have NO trouble picturing you amidst the Sunshine Trio; grins & all! It warmed my heart to think your parents were so affirming, and willing to allow center stage to children. How the Lord must have loved that!

These are beautiful memories, Sonja. In them you bless us, and honor your parents.


Debra said...

Sonja, what wonderful memories. This year our children and grandchildren acted out the Christmas story. It was so much fun! I would have loved to hear that Sunshine Trio!

Walk In Truth said...

Hi sonja,

I love when you share stories about your life. I just feel so calm and relaxed as I read along.

Your a blessing, have a great weekend

Anonymous said...

Our grandkids are all good singers. They most certainly did not inherit their singing abilities from grandpa.

I'll bet the sunshine trio was fantastic! :-)

God bless you Sonja and have a great week :-)


Pamela said...

Special remembrances. And new ones to add to the memory bank. I enjoyed reading both and I would have loved to hear The Sunshine Trio. Love how your parents encouraged your talents.

LisaShaw said...

How precious Sonja! Love the photos and the stories you shared with us. Precious memories created then and now...

Love you.