Wednesday, January 26, 2011

the talent case...

When I was growing up in southern California, our church had a separate building for sunday school, and in that building was... the talent case!

A glass enclosed case with many shelves, and each shelf displayed what we could 'buy' with the talents we were given in class, for good behaviour, for memorizing verses, for doing our lesson, etc...

I must like glass display cases, as I wrote about the other one here... the talent case was full of little prizes, probably most of them were worth very little, but you know how it is with kids! Each prize in that case was a treat that I wanted to earn with the talents rewarded to me. I'm pretty sure I took them home and soon lost interest.

My point is... the talent case reminded me of the talents in the bible. I remember first reading that passage and feeling a little smug that I KNEW I would protect the talents given to me. I would take them home and guard them so they would be safe! I was a little shocked to keep reading and find that God did not value my choice very highly. He meant for the talents to be used, to go and multiply, to increase them!

Both the talent case and the talents He has already given to me are on my mind this morning... the ones in the case have come and gone. The ones He has given me?... Some I know I haven't used wisely, but some I am using right now. As I invest in the lives of others, reach out to a hurting heart, help where there is a need, share His love, and on and on...

Our talents come from our Father, and He expects us to use them so they multiply His work. I have a lot to do!...

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Anonymous said...

Hugs my friend! I have been the recipient of the use of your talents on more than one occasion. Thank you!!!!!

Rose said...

Ouch, I feel that. Thanks for the reminder!

Jackie said...

Thanks for the reminder, Sonja! And yes, we have allot to do and the times are certainly growing shorter!!!

Marsha Young said...

So true that God does not evaluate our talents as the world looks at them, but rather in the way that He sees us using them.

He would rather that we used one small talent, kindly, well and often, than have a whole array that we allowed dust to gather on.

Good post. - Marsha

Debbie said...

I have been thinking ALOT about this very subject recently. I know just what you mean...I need to USE any of the talents the Lords has given me MUCH more often...thanks for this reminder! HUGS said...

Good post...and such a good word in due season. It takes me back to my own church, which is now over a 100 years old in Austin, and I remember how faithful all those Sunday School and Wednesday night teachers were...planting in each of our lifes...this encourages you always do.

I think I need to take some off the shelf that I put away and dust them off...Lord renew them and put them back into action! always lift me up

Rita said...

We all have so very much that we need to do to use our talents that He has given us. This was a very good reminder to use them too.

Farm Girl said...

I have always been afraid of being the one who buried my talents and when the master returned I would get sent into outer darkness, because I thought well, I didn't have any. Well, I know that isn't true and that isn't what Jesus meant but it used to scare me to death. I think the way your Sunday school did it was much nicer.

Felisol said...

Dear Sonja,
I embrace the idea of a talent case. How positive and rewarding to encourage children to use the gifts they have got. I've never heard of it before. I think the churches might have an adult talent case as well.
The ones who are feeling inferior might gain self respect and be encouraged to go out and do something, wash a floor, help the homeless, deal out leaflets, every little deed is important.
Even the talent of faithfully filling up a place in church is valuable.

I do get your point of not storing the trophies back home though, not be hiding the talents in the earth.
When the churches were poorer, they needed every single soul to chip in to make the congregation work.

(I remember in the early sixties our whole family were engaged in a volunteer action to tear down a German barrack and thus provide materials for rebuilding the Pentecost Church. What fun. We cycled for a mile to drag out old nails from the planks. The grown men did the actual tearing down and women brought food and piled planks. We had such a good time, lots of laughing and singing. Some had the talent for organizing, seeking building permission and making the new beautiful church room. None was more important than the other, and the efforts of the children were also richly praised. We were on in the Lord. It was a wonderful time.)

Being the daughter of the famous Armin Gesswein, you must have been encouraged in a special way to use your talents, but also been watched with hawk eyes by the congregation.
Anyway you came out, successful and self confident and eager to use your talents. That is a wonder indeed, and I so adore the way you are sharing what you have got, not only knowledge of the word, but floods of love and empathy as well.

My heart is also burning for the less fortunate, that they might see their talents and be encouraged to use them.
Yours Felisol

Kathleen said...

Ooooo, great way to get us thinking, Sonja!

My sister and I were talking just yesterday about this same subject; wondering how often we squander both our time and our talents. I dare say: too often.

I echo what Shirl had to say above: I've certainly been the recipient of YOUR talents. Thank you for being so faithful in using them.



An eye opening post here, dear Sister! Thanks for sharing God's TRUTH today!

Choosing JOY in this season,

Just Be Real said...

Such a good reminder. Something I needed to read today and have it applied to my heart. Thank you Sonja.

Debbie Petras said...

I'm amazed at how many lessons you learned as a child have blessed your blogging readers. I think your mom and dad are smiling in heaven. Little did they know about the internet. But the Lord can use any means He chooses. A very timely reminder Sonja.

Love you,

myletterstoemily said...

you have certainly blessed us with your talents.
i imagine everyone around you would say the
same thing.

well done! i pray your children and grandchildren
will see the multiplication of your gifts.

Debra said...

I've always enjoyed glass display cases as well, especially when I was a child.

My prayer is to use the talents He has given to me. This post is such a great reminder!

Aliene said...

Enjoyed your post. We may not have the talent
that others have but however small we can use them for the Lord. I pray that the Lord that the Lord will help me. A good post to remind us.

Sharon said...

A wonderful reminder, Sonja, that God expects us to use what we've been given!!

I loved how you said that our talents will multiply God's work! It's the wonder of God's "math" -

My God-given talents + the power of the Holy Spirit = Multiplication of the fruit that God makes grow!!

I'm delighted to be a new follower, and I look forward to enjoying more of your encouraging writing.


mariel said...

good and important reminder!!! We have much to do as we seek to bring much glory to the Father!!

Vivek said...

Hi Sonja,

Your Post reminded me of my temptation as a child to run the fighter jets ..
Though in childhood we have got so much energy and enthusiasm that we just look on the things irrespective of what they are and keep trying to get that.

Nice post ..a bit of childhood temptations came alive

take care
keep smiling.

lioneagle said...

Hi -

Thank you for this.

Yes, we are charged to use our God-given talents for His glory.

It is vitally important to serve our Lord through what He has given us to care and share.