Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Days of our lives...

Dr.David Jeremiah shared this poem on TV recently...

Methuselah’s Diet

Methuselah ate what he found on his plate,
And never, as people do now,
Did he note the amount of the calorie count.
He ate it because it was chow.

He wasn’t disturbed as at dinner he sat,
Devouring a roast or a pie,
To think it was lacking in granular fat
Or a couple of vitamins shy.

He cheerfully chewed each species of food,
Unmindful of troubles or fears
Lest his health might be hurt by some fancy dessert,
And he lived over 900 years.

I know that I won't live 900 years, but the amount of years that I DO live are full of decisions and choices every day, most of them are choices that only I can make!

One of my dad's favorite one-liners was... 'do you know the secret to living a long life?' And with a big smile he quietly said... 'don't die'. Then he would grin again at the thought... one of those sayings that we as his children would groan over, and he thoroughly enjoyed!

Of course we all know the truth about how long we will live...

We don't know.

But right on the heels of that thought, is the sure knowledge that God knows, and has ALWAYS known exactly how many days we will live on this earth. He knew when He planned our lives and created us into being.

It's one of those things that makes me wonder sometimes, and after a little reflection, I am sure it is best that I do NOT know. If I knew the day and hour that Jesus had in mind for the end of my life, I wonder how I would cross the finish line. I pray that it would be like my friend Judith, who crossed that line a few weeks ago, with such grace , purpose and faith, that all who knew her were impacted and challenged. (This memorial was written by Amy, Judith's daughter in law.)

No matter what the day or hour, the amount of days that I live is not going to catch God off guard.

My greater concern is that I spend the days He has given me, doing it HIS way, every day.

I am excited about a New Year... 2012, and I am intentional about many things that have been on the 'fringes' of my life. I have heard God reminding me to address these things, and I have grabbed the bull by the horns in some areas that have needed change. There is NOTHING He has asked from me that WITH HIS STRENGTH living in me, cannot be done!

How about you??


Castles Crowns and Cottages said...


This was a wonderful message my dear, and Ruben and I were just talking about living in THE NOW. We all get nostalgic and often think more about the FUTURE, which is wise to do. But what happens to the NOW? That is really all we have! So I agree. God wants us to live NOW because for sure, we will die later.

PEACE MY DEAR IN 2012! Anita

Debbie Petras said...

Here again is that word that keeps coming to me ...be intentional! That's what I want to be for 2012. We do have so many choices we can make. But I want to submit to the Lord's ways and purposes for my life. Thank you for challenging me to do so even if you may not have realized you were doing that. :)

Sonja, you are a joy!

I have been praying about the direction for Heart Choices lately. We are only given so many years on this earth. As you wrote, only the Lord knows the number of days we are given. During those years, I want to choose wisely. I've worked with older people as a nurse and now young children just beginning their lives. It's been a gift from God.

I'm starting to get excited about 2012.

Much love to you and thank you for your sweet comment on Heart Choices about Lisa Shaw's new book. I do believe it is one that every woman should read.


Anonymous said...

You know...this isn't the first time we've been on the same page! :) Hugs!

Just Be Real said...

Amazing the insight of this post. Sonja thank you for sharing. Blessings.

Vee said...

I've enjoyed this positive word. Like many others, I have wakened in the night with a start thinking about that "final" day. It's ridiculous, but a universal dream nevertheless. I think it helps us to know that our days are numbered; the ultimate in prioritizing. Have a bright and beautiful new year!

Debbie said...

Great words and insights spoken here....I don't think there is a one of us who hasn't given this a lot of thought. It's just so true. God has known that day and hour since before we were born. I too soo want to live my life the way He has for me in the meantime. Blessings to you in this coming year! HUGS

Janettessage.blogspot.com said...

Great post...so much of this is going through my mind as I end the year. As I have stayed quiet and still this December I am hearing Him speak to me about how I am living my life.

I am glad I don't know the day or hour...but I do know I want get to the finish line and Him say to me...well done my good and faithful servant...

So sorry for your loss of your friend...rejoicing for the testimony she left behind.

myletterstoemily said...

i remember when i was a younger woman saying,
"life is just one death after another." i had SO
many things i had to lay down: selfishnes, self-
pity, laziness, etc.

now it feels more like i have so much more to
live for: the Lord who is more precious now that
i know Him better, my family, and friends.

and the days of my life are increasing . . . 52 used
to seem SO old!!!!

so sorry to hear about your sweet friend.

Maryann said...

This is something that has really hit home. Life seems to take over without you even realizing it, little things steal precious time. I am much more aware that life can change in a moment. Heard a sermon once about living life as if we were terminal (well of course we are but do we live each day as if we really believed our last day could be any day? I know I don't) This is a good reminder for me today

Felisol said...

Dear Sonja,
I'm grateful that our days are counted, and I have seen this year how men predict, but the Lord is still in charge. He let my mother live, even if the doctors three times declared that her life was over. That was a strong experience.
Our challenge now is how we best can help her making her last years on earth valuable and rich.
We try so hard, but I often feel it's not enough.
And I have to put up fights with the nursing system; that feels so wrong and awful.
Still I now the Lord is in charge, and we are all moving forwards on bended knees.
My daughter says, "Grandmother never stops teaching me things."

In Norway we still call this youle time, we count all the way to 20th day of Christmas.
I enjoy this somewhat quiet time after the celebration and I got a book for Christmas which I'm looking forwards to read. The author says, "God loves us just the way we are, but too much to let us stay that way."
Love Felisol

Crown of Beauty said...

Dearest Sonja, I couldn't let this year end without me dropping by here to tell you I am thankful to God for the gift of your friendship. I have no doubt the New Year will usher in blessings of peace and joy and provision for you and for me!

Want you to know my Norwegian blog friends have a special place in my heart!


Just a little something from Judy said...

This is so profound! I like your dad's quote, and David's poem. I agree with you, our times are totally in God's hands and He knows the number of our days. This brings me great comfort as I face the year ahead.

One of my dad's quotes was "Remember Judy, the first hundred years are the worst, after that it gets much better." We are so blessed to have a real Hope as we face 2012.

Beth Herring said...

oh, i love this!

elaine @ peace for the journey said...

I couldn't agree more. Funny, I was just thinking about Judith this afternoon while out for a walk. Even got weepy at one point. What an inspiration she was and is to me! You are too, Sonja. I'm reading Billy Graham's latest book, "nearing home" and I can't help think of your father while reading it. What a legacy you're weaving, leaving for your family and friends.

Blessings as you walk into the new year.


Kathleen said...

"Teach us to number our days, that we may gain a heart of wisdom." Psalm 90:12

How wise you are, dear friend! Especially as the number of our days dwindle we are mindful of how precious are each. I want to finish strong, whether I have but one or 10,000 days remaining. And in process as well as in the end, I want to proclaim: "Let God be exalted!"

How wonderful have been the days of 2011 as I've gotten to know you. I look forward to numbering the days ahead alongside you as well. I love your heart & your friendship.

The best, most blessed of 2012,

Nancy said...

Your post has really spoken to my heart.....Oct 1 my best friend lost her husband unexpectedly and two weeks later my sister lost her husband unexpectedly. On both occasions, God has reminded me that He knew our days before we were born and that He and only He is in control of life and death. What a relief to be reminded that He holds us in His precious hand...

I too want to make the most of the time I have left whatever that is and my desire is to bring Him glory and honor....

Happy New Year.......

Sharon said...

I really needed to read this tonight, Sonja. For some reason (the enemy), I have had a last week of 2011 that has been fraught with difficult emotions. I find myself grappling and wrestling with trust/fear issues - and a spirit of discouragement.

Thank you for your inspiring words. I cannot let these thoughts and emotions overpower me. The Lord has PLANS for me - in every single day that He has ordained for me.


Happy New Year, friend.


Marsha Young said...

Sonja - Truly the key is "with His strength." Blessings to you in the New Year! ...Marsha

Debbie said...

Wonderful poem and post. I like your dad's attitude too.

As for me? I'm trying, really trying, to get up from the slump and face the new year with resolution. What God has ahead, I do not know. That's why I am so glad that He himself will be the I AM of the IS TO COME.


Felisol said...

Dear Sonja,
Have you ever experienced that you were led back to read things over again, not knowing why.
I did that tonight.
Read your blog post over again, and got what I didn't know I was looking for; A word in good time.

I was, I am tired. Tired of fighting to help my Mom. She so wants to live at home, she bright enough to do it, with some help from public nurses. She did so much to help my Dad stay at home the four last year of his life, I kind of feel, my Mom should have the same privilege. Some of the nurses don't.
U just had a nasty phone call this evening and thought, no, I cannot keep up this fight any more.
Then I came over to your place and found the right words;
"There is NOTHING He has asked from me that WITH HIS STRENGTH living in me, cannot be done!"

With his strength I shall keep on keeping on.