Saturday, April 28, 2012

The "GOOD" silver...

When my parents downsized many years ago, after the 3 of us were grown, married and had our own kids, they moved from Pasadena, California, down to San Juan Capistrano, close to the beach.

In preparation for the move, they had a huge garage sale. Among the furniture that went out the door that day, was their old and well used dining room credenza. I think they got $25 for it. Later that night, as my mom was adding it all up and checking to see what was left... she remembered!!

It was one of those jolting and sickening things that happen and almost takes your breath away.

INSIDE of that dining room credenza, and forgotten in all of the commotion and business of the whole garage sale, was her heirloom sterling silver. Some of it had been in her famlily in Norway for generations, including her own parents wedding gifts from many years before she was born.

That credenza held most of my mom's earthly treasures, and she had lovingly cared for all of it as she planned for my sister and I to have it one day. It was to be her earthly legacy to us.

I remember how sick at heart she was and the tears she shed when she realized what had happened. She even remembered the pair who 'looked it all over, inside and out', paid QUICKLY, loaded it into their truck, and left immediately.

I know that my mother grieved over that loss. I also remember thinking that my sister and I were more upset that SHE was so disappointed for us.

Here's the thing...

That sterling silver fades so fast when I think of the REAL legacy that our mother left us. The legacy of a life lived before her children as a woman who loved God with all her heart, obeyed Him, served Him, and was a joy to all who knew her. I still am amazed and humbled that God chose HER to be my mother.

The sterling heirlooms are not even a blip on my radar screen.What I have been given by her life makes sterling silver fade into oblivion.

One day when we see her again, maybe we will all have a good laugh at how important that silver seemed at one time, and how little it matters now! That's worth more than silver or gold.


BARBIE said...

I almost cried when I read this post. But you are right. How much more of a legacy has your mother left you by being a shining example of a woman who loved God and her family.

Debbie Petras said...

Sonja, I can understand how saddened your mom must have been! Losing valuable possessions is heart breaking, especially those that have such meaning. Her treasures from Norway that she wanted to pass along to her daughters; sickening.

And yet, you're so right!

The treasure she passed along to you is far more valuable. Her faith and love for Jesus was something she shared with you. You share many memories of your mother and I want to sit down with her one day in heaven to hear all of the Sonja stories. My mom will join us too, of course.

Love you,

Debbie said...

Oh how overwhelming for your mom that must have been at the time. It just makes me sick for some reason. I think because I have been sitting little pieces aside for my kids over the years that I want them to have that hold special meaning to our family etc., and so I can identify. And yet, how MUCH more important it is to leave behind something they can really carry forth with them ALWAYS that can't be lost, stolen, or tarnished. What a legacy your mom left for all of you and how you must treasure it. This was a great post! Hope you have a good week-end! HUGS

myletterstoemily said...

oh . . . no. that makes me feel a little sick.
your mom was amazing to get past SUCH
a loss, and you're right to put it in
perspective, BUT what a terrible loss.

what is the matter with me to feel this
loss so deeply?

Debbie said...

I have to tell you that I literally said, "Oh no!" and put my hand over my mouth when I read about the silver. It's not just the monetary value of it, it's the idea of it.

Similarly, my MIL was robbed of her family sterling. As an only daughter and granddaughter, she had three complete sets of beautiful sterling. She also had/as THREE granddaughters.
How she grieved over the theft of it. I don't think she'll ever really be "over" it.

But then, Sonja, you brought this post from the temporal to the eternal. You are so right. That which really matters can never be misplaced or stolen. It lives in a very secure place.

Wonderful, wonderful reminder.

And can I say yet again, how glad I am to have Gracie's grandma back on the block?

Lea @ CiCis Corner said...

So good to be back in touch with you and I just saw Gracie's picture and what a little doll. Oh, my, what a gift! And, this entry is awesome and so full of the truth. I'm guilty of holding on to earthly treasures that I think my children will one day enjoy, but as you stated, the greatest treasure I could ever leave them is NOT earthly!

Have a wonderful week!

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Now this is what matters, isn't it? The silver will tarnish and end up in someone else's hands to mull over and deal with this same issue. When the silver is passed from hand to hand, each person is still left with the same issue: Does this matter, really, in the end? May those people who got this "prize" one day pass it on with the knowledge that it is the heart of the matter that matters the most. Oh Sonja, it was so good to see your comment. Bless you my sister in Christ, Anita

Kathleen said...

My stomach sank, too. Though a worldly possession, some of those things are symbolic and so very hard to replace.

But I'm thinking you & she will share a meal with utensils of the finest, purest gold. No doubt she's already forgotten the silver ...

What a beautiful tribute to your mother. I pray that one day my own children will feel equally blessed by what I've left to them.

Soooooo good to see you again.


Farm Girl said...

OH gosh, I know what you said is all very true but the heartache. Oh my gosh.
I know we are not supposed to store up on earth those things that rust but send it on to heaven. I know we will all get up there and wonder why those things seemed so important in the light of God's glory.
But we still do. Still your poor Mom.
It is a good lesson in letting the things of this world grow strangely dim.

I think I must need to go sit and sing that song. :) Thanks for sharing.

Sharon said...

Sonja - Welcome back! I've missed my Warrior buddy a lot! And may I just say congratulations on the arrival of dear Gracie - she is so precious. Give her lots of hugs from her Westmont auntie!

This was heart-wrenching. I had my first garage sale a few months ago, and I was a nervous wreck. Mostly because I was sure that I was giving something away by mistake. I am also a mess at Goodwill when unloading boxes. Just last week I had to go back into their warehouse to check out "one last time" a box that I couldn't remember what I had put in it.

Your mother's story is the nightmare that I fear.

But, you have made such a wonderful lesson out of it all. If we lose everything on this earth - have we really lost anything? Not in the eternal sense, and that must be our focus. We do well to leave spiritual faith legacies to those who follow.


Maryann said...

This gave me a sick feeling in my stomach when I read it, I know it had to be difficult.
You point is well taken the end our stuff will all be meaningless...we won't even miss it...oh to have an eternal perspective when it comes to the things of this world

Jackie said...

Hey Sonja! Welcome back! GRACIE IS ADORABLE! YAY GOD!!

Like everyone heart sank as I read about your mom's precious silver.

Thanks for the reminder....within the whole scheme of life there is only One thing that really matters....

Have a wonderful week, mimi! :))



Rita said...

What a treasure you have in the memories of your Godly mom! No thing on this earth can replace that. Thankful that you have those memories you have to hang on to. said...

I knew where you were going with this and yet my eyes teared up. I have my grandmother's silver and recently reminded my hubby to take out insurance on mine.

Yet as a third person I have gleaned the treasures that your mother stored up in heaven through the teachings shared from her daughter...and truly, you received the best silver of all.

Now in my flesh...why didn't that couple come back and ask if she meant to sell the silver??

NanaNor's said...

Hi Sonja, It's been awhile since I've visited and so glad I did. There is such a strong lesson in this for us-where is our value. So sad for the lost heirlooms but your treasure is in heaven.
Thanks for sharing.
Hugs, Noreen

Saleslady371 said...

I think it is such a testimony to you daughters to "sow" that silver and embrace the real legacy. Still....

Our youngest daughter's job was to polish the silver every Thanksgiving and to our amazement she asked if she can inherit it! I hope my spiritual legacy looms larger.

So glad you are back, Sonja. I missed you.

elaine @ peace for the journey said...

I was sick reading this! Oh my... for a moment, I thought that maybe they would bring the silver back. Thankfully, that which is earthly will be quickly replace by the eternal treasures of glory. It's so good to hold the truth in our hearts. And I imagine that the silver we'll use at God's table will be the finest around!


Crown of Beauty said...

Oh, how this story touched my heart, Sonja! I can relate to such sickening loss, and if only it had a happy ending, it would have been so wonderful. But the way you sum it all up is what touches me. When you said that more than the earthly heirloom of sterling silver is the real eternal legacy that your mom left behind... her character, her Godly qualities. That is so true, Sonja... so true!

I can hardly wait to meet your mom and dad face to face in heaven someday soon!

Glad I stopped by today to read this story.


Just Be Real said...

Touching post Sonja. Much hugs to you dear one. You are a true light!

Vee said...

Oh my! I would have needed a week at Shady Acres after that. Your mother is amazing that she carried on. What an unconscionable thing for that couple to do. They knew better. (When I moved into my home, I cleaned out a corner cabinet finding a set of crystal stemware. Believe me, I notified the former owners and she was so grateful. It had been her great-grandmother's and had been used at her great-grandmother's wedding.)

You will laugh, have already, I'm sure, and I hope that the promise of Joel 2:25 has come true over and over again in your family. Thanks for sharing this story. It does put everything into perspective.

Just a little something from Judy said...

This tenderly written post struck me with a huge dose of emotion as I read it. Your mother certainly instilled far more into your lives and hearts, than you all ever lost in the sterling silver mishap. Someday, you all will be walking on streets of pure gold and silver will be abundant. You are right, someday, I am sure you will all laugh at the tears over it. I continually thank God for you and your blog, because He uses you to inspire and refresh my heart. Thank you so much!

Patrinas Pencil said...

welcome back Sonja. This was such a moving account of a very devastating moment in your family history. You, as usual, have brought much honor to the Lord by pointing us always to Him. He is the builder of of our faith.

Thanks be to God for His indescribable gift of your you ~ and in you, as you share her life long faith and spiritual model with your own children ... and now with us.

Thank you for your voice...your Godly witness. I love your heart.

blessings Patrina <")>><