Tuesday, August 14, 2012


It's in the air... those final days of summer coming to a close, and the beginning of the school year again.

I used to measure our years when our 3 kids were growing up, by vacations, especially summer, and then school starting after September 1.

It comes sooner these days, many of our kids starting in August, in the middle of the heat in Texas.

Summer vacation used to signal a letting down on all the activities and schedules. We all felt it. It was a time to relax a little, and enjoy the leisure mornings of no alarm clock and lunches still to be made, as well as homework to be turned in. Time for swimming, playtime, and even an occasional family trip.

And then, every summer... by the middle of August, parents were more than ready for a schedule again! All the projects we thought we would get done during the summmer months, had now piled up, and very little of it ever got finished. (On that note, the albums for each child are still in bins in the garage! Now they are working on their own kids albums...)

We had gotten pretty lax and probably needed it, both parents and kids.

That's the way it is... as it was with our family, and probably yours. We go on full steam for a long time, and then we need a break. I sure do. Even if it's just for a few days to go and visit the kids, or plan something special and different, a day trip or an overnight for a few days. That break seems to charge my batteries again.

Here's how Jesus did it...

He went aside and prayed, took time alone with His Father, and re-charged his own batteries. He knew with clear focus exactly what He needed.

In every phase of life, spiritual, physical, family, and just my own schedule, I need to be re-charged. Oh how I long to take Jesus and His example to heart, and make my 'alone time', to be filled with more of Him, not merely filled up with the things of life that quickly grab our attention and fill our days so easily.

I need my re-charging to be filled up with His strength, strength for each new day, enthusiasm for walking the journey of faith that we are called to...

Do you feel the same need?


Diana Ferguson said...


Lea @ CiCis Corner said...

OH, my goodness, yes, especially after this past week's events. Another great entry Sonja!

elaine @ peace for the journey said...

I'm going to have to get more creative about recharging my batteries this year. We began homeschooling yesterday, and I had my first meltdown today. Not a good sign. Actually, I'm happy with our decision. I just need a new routine for myself that allows me moments of quiet and rest with the Savior.

Oh, and I'm so ready for cooler temps!


Debbie said...

I so totally agree...in fact, I could have written this whole post, haha...I miss those days of summer's past.

I have found myself carefully guarding my "alone and re-charging" time each or I am not sure how I'd make it through the days..

Enjoy your day!

Marsha Young said...

Yep! I find that if I don't "recharge" often enough, I am apt to "discharge" some snippy comment or other, when I didn't mean to. :)

Farm Girl said...

I always feel exactly the same way. It is time to get back on the schedule. Have lovely days as summer draws to a close.

joy said...

Yes, I feel the same. Needs to be recharge everyday. Reading inspirational blogs like your gives me adrenalin kick and of course daily communication with God through His words.:)

manthano said...

This is one of the things the Lord has been showing
me for about a year now.

It comes up so often in the New Testament.
I'm trying to do and learn.

THANKS for the post.

Kathleen said...

I have always loved the no clock or agenda aspects of summer - - be it when the children were small, or now. There's just something so carefree about taking life as it comes - one sunny day at a time.

As a child I loved the barefoot part of summer; the "shorty pajamas", no set bedtime ease of living; the make paper dolls all the day long joys of childhood. Oh ... and the popsicle man :)

Learning to be content in each season is a lesson in living I'm not sure I'll ever get an "A" in. Guess I just need more popsicles.

Great post!

Debbie said...

Yes!! I relate to this so much. I think the key to recharging as Jesus did is not just resting but retreating. He always retreated away from the world and toward the Father.

I think that my biggest problem right now is that I haven't just retreated with no further purpose than the retreat in a long time.

Thinking about that.

Debbie Petras said...

I can relate to what you wrote about summers Sonja. Now that I am back in school with the little ones, it is good to have a routine. Of course, my quiet time with the Lord never went on vacation even during the summer. That is a given in my life.

Right now though I need prayer for strength and to not get sick. The children forget to cover their coughs and my throat seems to be continually sore and I'm so tired. I need energy and strength to keep up with them.

Love you,

Just a little something from Judy said...

I have such precious memories of how summer used to be when I was growing up, and when our girls were growing up. Now that my nest is empty, summers are so different. But one thing that remains the same always, is my need to take time to sit in His pressence, to bask in His amazing love for me. It is my greatest energizing substance. My mother used to always say, "one needs to come apart before one comes apart."

Another gentle reminder from you my friend. Well written.

Aditi Malhotra said...

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