Sunday, June 30, 2013

Free as...

My mother in law had an expression that always brings a mental picture... "I'm as free as a hog on ice".

Can't you see that pig heading onto the ice rink and just flying around as free as can be? Untethered, unencumered... but maybe even unbalanced, unpredictable, and unable to control the inevitable slide.

As free as it sounds, my mental red flag is already waving. That pig might be in real trouble. 

I once got out of my car, during a rare Dallas ice storm, one house away from home. I walked (skated) on thin ice to my own house next door, and told my hubby he had to go get the car and drive it to our driveway, the length of one yard. I could not do it!

So all of a sudden, the pig doesn't really seem free, in fact he is probably on a 'free fall' to who knows where.

Boundaries are good. 

Being tied to something strong and sure is good.

Being held in the hands of our loving Father is good.

While I enjoy the mental image of that pig as he heads out on the ice, I think the pig would be much better off if he were tied to something strong. I think the pig would agree.

It's everything to know that I am tied to the One sure anchor, and that He controls even the slipping and sliding.


Sharon said...

Oh amen, Sonja!

So many people think that "doing your own thing" is freedom - when it's really just slavery to sin.

Praise to the Lord Jesus - whose Truth gives us true freedom!

"And you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free." (John 8:32, NLT)



Debbie said...

This was a wonderful analogy. Soo true. Praise God for the rock!

manthano said...

Love the illustration.

We live in a world of "pigs on ice".
Hope some of them read this.


Debbie Petras said...

A good reminder Sonja! So glad I am tied to my Savior. My anchor is secure because of Him.

Love you sis,

Maryann said...

slipping and sliding is no fun, I am thankful for that rock that anchors my soul.

Farm Girl said...

A very nice reminder and I am so glad too.

Joy said...

Me too:) God is a secure rope we can hold on:)

Sandy said...

I thought I'd heard about every old saying there was being raised on a farm by older parents. However...this one is new to me, and hilarious!
I am so grateful I have The Rock to hold onto!

Debbie said...

Oh, how much I love and agree with this one. It's the One who holds the tether who makes me feel so free. It's like the feeling of being fenced in by Him behind and before. I'll take grazing in his safe pasture any day over running wild.

or skating like a hog on ice. Ha!

Vee said...

Yes, yes, yes. Nothing feels any better than to know one is secure. Your story about not being able to get the car home from one door down is so adorable! I have chuckled myself silly. The nerves had taken all they could stand. I have felt that way at times for sure.

Just a little something from Judy said...

In my daily life, I thank God so often for the Rock and the Anchor He is to me. I like the freedom I have been given in Jesus Christ, but I also am thrilled that with that freedom, I have also been given a Rock to be anchored to. I never heard your mother's saying though, and now I will think of her and you if I hear it again.

Happy July 4th to you and your family!

myletterstoemily said...

it seems like i'm always slipping and
sliding along. thank goodness that
"underneath are the everlasting arms!" said...

Some how I missed this wonderful piece, but I am here this morning and I am holding onto that anchor, while continuing to slip and slide.