Sunday, September 5, 2010

What about fitness??...

How do you feel about being physically fit?

Do you think it's part of the whole person that God wants us to be?

Do you also struggle with being that person?

What are some of your ideas and 'tricks' that help you pursue fitness?

The reason I am asking is because I have been on my own personal trek to getting fit... again!

I have been an up and down and upside down dieter for years... sometimes slim and trim, other times needing to be more slim and trim. The thing is... I like myself better when I am fit and trim and in control of what I eat, so the battle never ends... unless I am disciplining myself!

I have been dealing with the whole concept of food and fitness NOT being a diet!
I am sometimes a slow learner, but all through the years I've heard... 'it's not a diet... it's a way of life'... I think I am starting to see it and believe it!

Some of you may have one of those metabolisms that lets you eat anything and never put on weight... I'm thinking MOST of us don't!

My dad used to tell us 'eat live food'... now I am beginning to see the wisdom in that. I am not throwing the boxed stuff out of the pantry, but I do find that I am spending more time in the produce section than I ever have...

I would love to hear some of your 'tricks' that help you stay fit. I've lost 14 pounds, and I'm walking and doing aerobics for 30 minutes each day. I do NOT always want to... in fact mostly I DON'T want to, but I am finding out that if I just lace up my tennies and get moving... I never regret it and in a couple of minutes that sense of 'right' kicks in... I am wearing clothes that have hung in my closet for an embarassing amount of time, and I FEEL cute again!! :) I want this to be the way I live from now on.... I really LOVE the way I feel!

So here are a few of my discoveries that help...

1. drink water and then drink more water... it DOES help, and it keeps your system hydrated...

2. Protein rich foods make me FEEL more satisfied, and fuel my body...(duh!)

3. MOVE... walk, aerobics... something!!! Just DO it!!

Please share an idea that has helped you... it will help everyone!


Saleslady371 said...

Good advice from your father. The live foods helps my digestion. When the girlfriends ordered pizza last week, I brought a tray of colored veggies so I could eat some pizza. Don't laugh, but I began making declarations in my prayer time. "I eat healthy and exercise every day". Nothing happened for a while, but I started stretching in the morning, and then added weights. Now I do that and walk by 7:30 a.m in the park for 25 minutes. I'm now working on my mouth....what I say and what I put into it. Victory is small...but I'm determined to keep on! ha-ha. said...

I wrote you a comment and the computer ate it...maybe it will gain weight!
First congrads Hot Mimi!!!! That is awesome.

I pulled myself out of bed this morning, walked with weights and did lunges down the sidewalk at the end of my 45 minute brisk walk. I have been doing that six days a week....but the scales still don't like me!!!

My buns are coming back into place, my arms are starting to firm to get that stubborn weight to let go!!! I need the evidence of my 45 year old 10 pounder pregnancy baby weight to submit.

My walking brings better mental attitude..which helps during our on going financial struggles...I can see the world clearer.

I came home after the walk to read scripture saying..."if you have food and covering you should be content" I need to work on limiting my food and also my contentment.

I will never see my dancing day body again, but I can be ready to play with grandkids when I am finally blessed with them....and loss of weight would bring NEW CLOTHES!!!!

Thanks for the encouragement...I will watch my mouth this week!!!

Shirley said...

First, I love the cartoon! Second, I have no clue! I am so totally undisciplined in this area!!! *sigh*

Anonymous said...

Hey! Where did you find that picture of me and Mrs. Geezer? :-)

Just Be Real said...

Physical fitness is very important. Especially when we do the work of God. He wants us healthy. I am trying to get back into the habit of walking daily. I drink only water it seems. Blessings to you Sonja!

Diana Ferguson said...

It is a way of life, isn't it?! Have a good day tomorrow.

BARBIE said...

Hysterical cartoon. I have no tricks. I am still trying to get going. Looking forward to the journey.

myletterstoemily said...

what a funny cartoon, and i totally agree!!!!

all your fitness ideas sound wise and do-able,
which is the trick, i think.

i always forget to drink water!

also, i've found that if i am craving something
i might as well give a "bit" of it to myself,
otherwise, i just keep grazing trying to satisfy
by craving.

keep up the good work. if i could lose half
that amount i would be ecstatic . . . but then
i would probably spend too much money on
new clothes. :)

elaine @ peace for the journey said...

Here's wanting to feel cute right alongside you, friend! I've found that consistency is the key to good health. I've been running for 25 years now, although things are on hold for now. When I recover, I plan on returning to running and to eating healthier. I feel so much better about myself when I'm taking care of the exterior as well as the interior. I also feel good about having a slice of chocolate cake every now and again.

Balance is also important. I think, with exercise, you should be able to look great without denying yourself some pleasure.

Keep to it.


Anonymous said...

Hello dear Sonja,
Well as you know I struggle so with my weight. Recently I have given it all up to God , I am ok with being overweight if it is my cross to bear. But as soon as I did that , God showed me the benefits of a gluten free diet and I have been deleting gluten from my food choices. I am feeling better and have lost 1 lb so far without trying and I am walking my dog for exercise, we both love that. I also want to mention that when I gave this body up to him, suddenly I feel more comfy in my skin and content. Blessings and hugs!

Jackie said...

Hey Sonja!

Well, you and I and obviously your commentors are on the same page (or say I say plate)! I, too, have been recently challenged to get fit and I've purposed to eat fresh healthy foods and walk everyday. I prayed and asked the Lord to help me find a plan that works for me and He did just that!! I've been on just about every diet known to man and can count points, proteins and carbs in my sleep....blah, blah, blah! And know that I can Curve my buns off, but if I'm not eating right as a lifestyle, it just want last. Not that those ways don't work.....I just needed something new....something that wasn't so familiar with that I'd once again get bored with and blow it! After praying and asking HIm for help I embarked on the Mayo Clinic Diet and have been amazed how well it has worked for me. It's not rocket science.....really just good habits, whole grains, fresh fruits and veggies and lean meats (nothing fried and thats hard for this Southern gal!) and very little fats or added sugar. I also drink lots of water (I feel like a camel !) and purpose to fast walk every day and weigh twice a week. Almost immediately I began to feel better (PTL) and have rejoiced at losing 8lbs in my first two weeks - glory!!!

I want to loose another 15lbs so I'm sticking to it and asking Him for His continued grace and help in this area. I really want to conquer this eating "thang" once and for all!! I've also chosen not to beat myself up if I fall off the dieting wagon. I've had opportunity to do just that several times this week - my daughter and SIL are here from FL and we've been day trippin allot and eating on the run so I've had less fruit and veggies than usual and more fast food cuisine(?) than I should, BUT I'm learning to choose the "best of the worst" in those situations and don't get on a guilt trip about it. I know that once they return home I will get right back in the saddle and put my healthy feed bag on and trot down my healthy path once again!! Yee Haa!!

BTW....It does feel so great to get into clothes that I was busting out of before and now can sneeze without wondering if a button flew off!! lol!

Great post.....It's fun and encouraging to think about us bloggin' buds being on the same "gettin' fit" journey!! And awesome how He loves to be involved in every itty bitty thing in our lives!!

Gotta go grab a banana and fast walk!!

Blessings to you, Sonja!!


Deborah Ann said...

I'm right there with you, Sonja! For the past 2 years, everytime I looked at myself in the mirror I wanted to cry. I never weighed this much in my life! But this all happened partly because my metabolism changed after a surgery. For the past 3 days I have barely eaten, exercised 30 minutes a day - I have only lost 7 pounds so far, and nothing at all the last 3 days, but I'm going to keep going, it just has to make a difference one of these days.

I'm following a diet just like yours too - eating healthy. I have completely cut out treats and such. 10 lbs to go...

Godspeed my fellow dieter!

myletterstoemily said...

just checking to make sure you haven't
floated away! if you need dry land, you
can come north where it's drier. we
have LOTS of room.

Debbie Petras said...

I love what your dad shared with you. He was so wise! I'm trying to drink more water and to exercise regularly. It does make all the difference. I have much work ahead of me but I'm determined.

I've missed you lately as I've been away at the wedding. I'll email you privately more. Just know that I thought of you and prayed for you. I told my dad all about you too. :)

Love you,

LisaShaw said...

Sonja, dear friend, I'm back on the "wagon" of focusing on healthier eating and working out. I agree with all you said. I'm a WATER junkie and used to hate it until 2007. For me I lost focus when menopause started early 2008. It's been an uphill battle since then after losing 61 lbs and then since that time I've regained almost 30 of that BUT I'm rejoicing in the fact that the last month I've been back on track and have lost 7 lbs. I have LOTS to go but for me it's never a diet. I hate the word personally and yes I mean 'hate' the word diet. I prefer to use the word "living". I'm living in a way that is to take care of what GOD has given to me but pray with me. I'll pray for you and you for me and we'll do this in the LORD together. Love you!

Melissa {Suger} said...

Loooooove that comic. Great post too.