Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Happy, humble & poor!...

My mother used to say this often when she spoke to women at christian conferences.

'We have 3 children, and they keep us happy, humble and poor!'...

I know for a fact that all 3 of those things were true. We had a lot of laughter in our home growing up. We also never had a lot of money, but always a lot of fun! And finally... the humble part probably came many times from the raising of 'me'.

She also said many times that what happened to me, or my sister or brother, was for THEM as well. Our experiences and pitfalls brought my mom and dad to new places of faith, and caused them to 'dig deeper' in their own lives, and to pray with greater depth and need.

It was the same for Joe and I as we raised our own 3... God uses our families to teach us His ways!

Amen??? If you can't say amen to that, you don't have kids, or relatives... :)

Lessons in patience, trust, forgiveness, kindness and on and on.

He also uses them to teach us about love.

There is no more unconditional love than that of a parent for their children. It was all designed by God, He set the standard and it was His plan.

God's only son, Jesus... sent by his Father, the ultimate sacrifice of a parent. For us. Unconditional love.

It was impossible for the bar to be set any higher.

So, as we raise our kids, and many of us now watching and praying for our grandkids, remember that each circumstance and trial is teaching US as it teaches them. We are digging deeper.

The snapshot above was my sister and brother and I, during the very days that we were busy keeping my parents...

...and poor!


Debbie said...

Oh AMEN for sure!! Loved this. Just couldn't be more true. And I feel even with the older I have gotten it has not stopped the lessons from coming. I love to see the eyes of one of my grandkids when they light up with a knowledge of Him. Blessings to you today!

Vee said...

Sweet photo that makes me curious which little girl might be you. You're all beautifully dressed so your parents must have, from time to time, done the sacrificial things that loving parents do so well. Yes, you are right, of course, we learn so much from our families. I am learning today how deep the connections go as I pray for a cousin who is not well. It reminds me that we are all connected in God's family.

Farm Girl said...

So true and I always said, I didn't understand the concept of salvation until I had children. I might not have ever knew or even understood the love of the Father if not for being a mother.
That is such a sweet picture.
Yes, they do humble you in ways, no one else could ever do.
Your Mom was so right.

Andrea said...

Blessings and prayers,

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Yes, I grew up with no a whole lot. But I think it has caused me to be a hard worker and to create from nothing!!! BLESSINGS SONJA! Anita

Catherine said...

Dear Sonja, Thank you for visiting my blog and leaving a nice comment. I think that this is very wise and very true. I am now going through a stressful time and I hope that I will be a good example to my children.
I am going through a divorce after 30 years. I hope that I will endure this gracefully.
Blessings, Catherine xo

Nancy said...

I have found this to be absolutely true.....Whatever the issues, I learned to say "Lord what do you want me to learn from this".....and He has always been faithful to show me..... said...

Amen, amen, amen...from someone who is digging deeper

Walk In Truth said...

Hi Sonja,

First, I love the photo, you all look absolutely adorable!!!

I'm imagining what it would of been like to hear your mother speak at a conference. From what you have shared about her in the past and present on your blog she clearly was a woman who lived, loved and served God in so many ways.

I am so relieved that you stated;
"There is no more unconditional love than that of a parent for their children..."
Because this very term "unconditional love," became a topic of disagreement, in that I was told that unconditional love is Only between a husband and wife, No one else. I Flat out Disagreed with this point of view, and asked where this thought process came from, and apparently from an author, not the Bible. Given that the person and I's theological views are on two sides of the spectrum there was no point for debate, which really would have been arguing.

I try to check to see if what I'm reading or listening to aligns with the Word of God, and ask God for discernment. I know the Holy Spirit helped me to hold my tongue that day in regard to responding to the unconditional love statement, and I'm so happy, because the Lord has used your post to give me the answer I needed, and also one that aligns with the Word. Amen

I'm so thankful for you Sonja, and how God uses you.
God bless you friend~

Kathleen said...

I just love that photo! I can almost see/hear the three of you conspiring :)

I absolutely subscribe to the premise that we learn more from our children than we teach them. It's hardly a fair exchange but, then again, the Lord did say we older types need to become as they are: child-like. It's easier to understand now that the grandchildren are providing the challenges and I watch my adult children wrestling with what to do, or not to do.

I think this works with husbands too :)

Anonymous said...

So true. And they keep teaching you even when they are older.

Walk In Truth said...

Just popped back in to read comments.... Sassy Granny's comment was a great addition to your post. loved reading it. liked the other's also.

Felisol said...

Digging deeper,I can understand that. I once in deep need was met the the promise from Isaiah 45: 3 "I will give you hidden treasures,
riches stored in secret places,
so that you may know that I am the LORD,
the God of Israel, who summons you by name."
The Lord has stood by his promises till this day, but I don't thrive in darkness, so he has also always lead me out into shining daylight again.
Life is not a place by a stagnant pool,or a stop by an oasis for that sake, but a journey over hills and down into deep valleys always moving closer to our common goal. I have found so many treasures, amongst other in the blog world. God is there all the time leading and loving.
We who have had a happy childhood are higher blessed than we will ever understand. We have a foundation based on God. Others are not so lucky, but God is the same.Nevertheless, He loves each and every one of us the same. There is another word from Isaiah I have learned to love as much as the treasure finding verse and that is the verse and promise prior to that. Isaiah 45 :2 "I will go before you
and will level the mountains[a];
I will break down gates of bronze
and cut through bars of iron."
That too has proven to be water proof to me.
Keep close to me and I will keep close to you..

Now, Sonja, I simply don't know why I am writing these promises to you. You have experienced them and know them as well as I do. I just can't help it. These were the words coming into my mind as I set down one early, dark January morning to comment on your light and lovely writing. Hope you forgive me.In my helpless language, these were the words given to me to share.
Yours Felisol

Debbie said...

I'm standing boldly (OK, humbly but boldly, can you do that?) in the AMEN CORNER for this post. I can say the same about my parents raising their four children, and I am experiencing it with my own.

I have long wanted to write a book called "The Things I Learned about the Father by Becoming a Mother." Every day, He shows me more of Him through raising them.

Right now, I'm learning a huge, huge lesson on trust.

Beth E. said...

AMEN, Sonja! We've had two boys in college until our oldest graduated this past May. He got married in July, our other son ruptured a disc in his back in September, we had to buy him a bigger car (that sits higher up) in October, we bought our oldest son a new set of tires for his birthday, etc. The list goes on and on. So, I agree completely with your mother's statement! ;-)

Sharon said...

I couldn't agree with you more. I doubt that there are many things in my life that affect me more than things that happen to my sons. They reach into a place in my heart that is very, very deep.

God has taught me much about His love for me through my experiences as a mom. And when I am hurt, or worried, or stressed about my boys, I have found that the Lord's love is deeper still.



Just a little something from Judy said...

What a sweet photo! I totally agree with you! I continue to learn so much about my Heavenly Father's amazing, unconditional love for me, through our children and grandchildren. What would be top on the list of my learnings, would be that I desperately need His Soverign Wisdom and guidance. I find myself walking through daily life, relying on Proverbs 3: 5 and 6. Your list of what children do for their parents is the best. The longer I go in this journey, the more I know, that I don't know:) Great post!

elaine @ peace for the journey said...

I cannot imagine my life without my kids. Were I to count all the lessons they've given to me over the years it would take to long.

But it's a worthy pondering. Who I am today is a direct result of my children. They've shaped me in larges ways.


myletterstoemily said...

what a precious photo of some very
rich children! we used to tell our
kids they were extravagantly rich
in love.

thank you for your special encourage-
ment at my place.

Denise said...

I love this.