Sunday, October 28, 2012

The refrigerator...

A few years ago we got a new refrigerator. It was time for the old one to go.

The problem was how to keep the door of the old one so I could treasure it always, but still have the new one installed...

From the time that our grandkids were old enough to stand, I had used a sharpie on the door of the refrigerator and in tiny letters wrote their name and the date, with a small line to measure where the top of their heads ended.

For years, they would come in, quickly take off their shoes and say 'measure me mimi'. I've never seen such straight spines, as they stretched to the highest possible place for their new mark. The little lines were sometimes just a hair above the last time they measured, but we recorded  it all there anyway. Once in awhile I had to tell them to get those heels back on the ground!

When the guy from Lowe's installed the new one, it even made him sad. He said 'we can remove the door and you can keep it'...

I didn't, and it's gone, and so are those years...

Flash forward to right now, and each of those kids are making their own marks, maybe not on the refrigerator door, but in their own lives.

I pray that they will stand tall as each new chapter comes their way, with straight spines and heels firmly planted!

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myletterstoemily said...

i LOVE how you transitioned this to the
next generation making their own marks!

we have the door from hans' parents'
old house (which his grandparents built.)
on this door is every person's height from
great grandpa down to the youngest great

someday, i will have my own tiny grandtots
to measure. i'm in no hurry, but my
daughter sure is. i appreciate prayers
for shelby and dan.

merry Christmas, sweet texas friend.