Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Happy Birthday Joe!!!

I can't believe this is Joe's 42nd Birthday! AMAZING!!

We sure love you Joe, and thank God for so many things about you:

... your genuine kindness to others is such an example
... you are a loyal and giving friend
... your heart for God challenges all the rest of us
... your willingness to obey God is a blessing
... your humor is like no one elses (except Mor Far!!)
... you are so much fun to be around
... your ability to write music about the Lord is such a gift
... we love to hear you sing and play the guitar
... watching you and Molly together brings us so much joy
... you are a faithful and loving friend to 'Snuggles'
... seeing you as 'pastor' and 'brother Joe' is a rich reward
... your life makes us proud and so blessed!!!


P.S.... For 42 years you have shared your birthday with GaGa. It saddens all of us that she is not able to celebrate this day with you, but we know that in the old days...she would be laughing and singing with you right along with the rest of us, so from all of us...HAPPY BIRTHDAY GAGA!!!

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