Friday, February 10, 2012

I've joined the club!...

I'm the newest member of a club I should have joined a long time ago. The club has always existed... I've resisted.

Janette and Debbie, it's your fault!

Actually, my hubby's low blood sugar started it, but many years before that, my own dad was one of the founding fathers. It's like most things, you start to read and study, and pretty soon, you are looking at labels, freshness, un- processed, etc.

This morning at the grocery store I was in the produce department and a size 1, maximum 2, little housewife was filling her cart with plastic bags of all things green. I asked her about kale, since I don't love kale... she said the place she uses kale is in homemade soups. So far so good. I can do that too.

Grocery shopping is an art form. I MADE myself stay in the fruits and veggies area for a long time, and I LIKED it! I filled MY cart with plastic bags too!

I have spent a lot of time online, what great resources there are. I am becoming aware of not only fat and sugar, which I've looked at for a long time, but carbs. The way carbs process into sugar in our bodies is a concept I'd never thought much about.

I have to throw this one in too, for all of you who have said you don't like cooked spinach. I am trying to pinch my face to remove the proud look when I say this... I reallly love steamed spinach! :)

I haven't gotten so righteous that I want a green smoothie yet, Debbie, but who knows??

I'm such a big believer in God desiring 'the whole man', spiritual, physical, and emotional. I may be a late bloomer, but I've joined the club.

What shall we call ourselves?

The green girls...

The food group fruit loops...

...or maybe even

The fresh females...

I think that does it for today!

17 comments: said...

Oh you just made my day!!! I just spent a hour at the gym, no weight loss and came out wanting to cry...all I have eaten all week is green!!! So you lifted my spirits.

I have enjoyed cooking all week...not because I cooked horrible before, but because I am now more motivated and finding new things. I fixed quinoa with garlic, spinach, sweet peppers and was wonderful and everyone ate it. We have enjoyed my new cooking. It is also more what decorator doesn't like color?

So yes, here is to a new year and eating better. I am really excited and motivated.

Oh the spinach in the smoothie doesn't taste at just makes a color! When you add blueberries it looks like mud...LOL

I think baby spinach isn't as strong as spinach I remember as a child.

Go Green...thanks for the encouragement this morning. I am off to Sprouts again for more bags!!

Sandy said...

Glad you're coming on board, Sonja. I love, love, love, greens, all veggies, in fact. Never met one I didn't love. Steamed greens are fabulous and I also like to saute my kale in a bit of sesame oil with minced garlic and onions. Wonderful eating.

Crown of Beauty said...

Ever since my husband first heart attack in November 2006, we've been eating green... and it has really made a huge difference even in my emotional outlook.

It's an important form of warfare, waging war against the enemy of our souls who wants to see us literally d-e-a-d and s-i-c-k... and unable to be of much use to God's kingdom!

Thank you for this post. We have kale here, and it must be good for soups. I'll try that as I've never done that before!

Sonya, as I celebrate the 4th year of my blog, I take time to thank you for having been a blogging buddy who has impacted my life with your life story.


Tammy said...

More greens in my diet too. Have you ever trie kale chips? Not bad and easy to make.


Debbie said...

Well OK I am in...but I need some recipes for Kale...and for spinach. I love spinach in a salad, and I love it cooked in scrambled eggs or omelets, what else?? haha Have a good week-end Sonja...HUGS

Rebecca said...

Count me in! By the way, I even love canned spinach! Put a little vinegar on it and...Yum!

Mrs. Mac said...

Green and natural .. unprocessed .. give the boxed goods a toss and enjoy exploring and playing with your new found food(s). Kale .. yes .. good in soup, baked like chips (wash, dry, coat lightly with olive oil .. sprinkle with sea salt and bake in a modest oven just until crisp. You can blanch kale, shock in cold water .. drain .. chop .. pack tightly in small containers .. freeze .. it can be used in omelets in place of spinach .. used in quiche .. very versatile .. and full of vitamin K.

Debra said...

I saw a documentary not long ago about a guy going on a kale smoothie diet. I thought I would try it! Ha! It was soooo terrible! It tasted like grass right out of the front yard. So be very careful with the kale LOL!

I love greens but kale not so much!Keep us posted! Have a great week end!

Kathleen said...

It's a right of passage, this loving of all things green (though not the Al Gore sort of green).

I LOVE spinach too, but I prefer mine cold. I made a yummy salad that calls for baby spinach, mandarin oranges, craisens, slivered almonds, dices red onion & a light toping of Raspberry/Walnut vinegarette. Yum!

Now, if I could just find some way to make my chocolate chip cookies out of veggies :(

Debbie Petras said...

Right now, Greg is doing the grocery shopping. However, he knows to buy my salad fixings, including lots of green. One thing I started drinking is Odwalla Superfood green juice. I don't have the time to juice lots and lots of spinach and kale so I'm hoping this is almost as good. However, I've had a sinus infection and an on and off cold for the past month so maybe it's not working so well. But I must add that I cannot resist hugs from those little ones and they often forget to cover their coughs.

I saw the same documentary that Debra (above comment) must have seen. I tried to go one morning with just a smoothie diet and I was so hungry. LOL

Love you and happy greening,

Just Be Real said...

I see the importance of green veggies. I try as much now to incorporate them into my meals. Blessings to you dear one.

Sharon said...

OK, I admit it - I really don't eat enough greens. Fruits and vegies are not the good friends they should be. I just left Janette's blog, so this is a double whammy of conviction.

It's a point well-taken for those of us who are...ahem...over 29. We can do many small things that make a HUGE difference.

I really need to exercise more, too.

Does blogging count?!


Beth E. said...

I love most green veggies (asparagus, not so much). I enjoy spinach raw...don't cook mine, please. It's too slimy for my taste! ;-)

Sounds like you're doing a great job. I need to eat more veggies and get rid of the processed's a work in progress!

Felisol said...

Well done, to change course in the middle of the stream.
Fruit and greens, potatoes included, nuts and almonds as well. I try avoiding the prefab stuff and stick with local meet without hormones and ugly stuff.Fresh fish from the sea, not from fish farms. (Sorry, Norway).
I think if we buy right the producers will have to change their way of "manufactoring".
Problem is. we want all for nothing. when I grew up, about 40 % of the income went to buy food. Today we spend about 10 % of our income on food that makes us ill.

I wonder, do we really need all that other stuff. Lorries are driving garbage from our town to be burnt in Sweden every day, and we pay good money to get rid of it.

If we spend so much time and money buying things, and so little on food for body and soul, we must have been heavily seduced, all of us.

myletterstoemily said...

i know the green giant.

Debbie said...

OK, I'm late... I'm late... to a very important date!! I've been AWOL dealing with that pesky thing called Life Interrupted and nearly missed this.

The Green Girls. I'm in!
Of course, we could always be The Misses Green Jeans.

I will take your challenge (It was a challenge right? Please say yes since I'm jumping in.) I'll steam some spinach. Yes, I will. I'll steam it just enough to call it cooked and not enough to call pukey looking.

Nancy said...

Well, it seems you have hit on a subject lots of us have already thought about or are now thinking about...The good thing about it's never too late....

I am getting on the band wagon as well...for lots of reasons...God calls us to take care of His temple, having more energy, loosing weight...overall better health....I want to be able to play with my grandchildren up to the day God calls me home......

Happy Valentine's Day...