Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Cassidy - no braces, bright smile!

This is Cassidy, one of our wonderful grandkids, the day she got her braces removed! She called from the car to tell us, thrilled to have them off... and thrilled to be missing school!! It looks like she is about to feast on all the things she's been missing with braces!


ch said...

as much as i love seeing cassidy's smiling face on here, i am amazed every time i open this blog site ... your thoughts from a grateful heart reflect my own thoughts ... but mine wouldn't be in beautiful prose! also, the discipline and obedience blog ... WOW! that says it! i heart my mom!

Anonymous said...

way to go Cassiday girl! Your pearly whites are GORGEOUS!!!!!! xxxx a. carol

Anonymous said...

way to go Cassidy girl! Your pearly whites are GORGEOUS!!!!! xxxxx a. carol